This applies to Labour here too

Labour in the UK is suffering under the same delusions as Labour here…that the electorate just made a horrible mistake and one day, sometime soon they will wake up and return to their rightful labour-led government.

As the headline says Labour is cruising serenely to defeat:

All successful political strategies essentially revolve around the same three things. A strong leader, a strong position on the key issue of the moment, and a strong and unified party. The danger for Labour is that at the moment they don’t have the first, they don’t have the second, and they only superficially enjoy the third.

Labour is the same the world over.


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  • Whafe

    You could swear that was written re Labour in NZ…..
    Acceptance is half way to fixing a problem, however as the article and WO mention above, they feel it was nothing they did wrong, was just people wanting a change… PPffttttt

  • Mighty Kites

    If only Labour in the UK wasn’t consistently ahead in all the opinion polls for the last few months, then maybe your “analysis” would hold even a little weight. Sadly it does not

  • Well yes, but in general terms the left are really still winning. In the UK and NZ.

    National won the election only because they were considered to be the better managers of the socialist system.

    Not because they offered any real alternative to those of us economically struggling from the effects of Keynesian economics and suffocating from left wing big government interference in other areas of our lives.

    National portray themselves as better managers of socialism, and that’s what gets them votes.

    For myself, I wish they would return to their basic principles, and stand against socialism, however it seems as if there is no one in National today who can articulate or even understand those principles.

    If you applied the criteria you example to the NZ National party or the UK Conservatives (A strong leader, a strong position on the key issue of the moment, and a strong and unified party.) you get just as big a negative as if you applied them to the opposition.

  • Meg

    Given the mess National is making of the country, yes the electorate did make a HORRIBLE mistake last election night.

    Here’s hoping they have learnt and fix it next time.

    • johnbronkhorst

      How prey tell?????….OECD leading growth, unemployment among the lowest in OECD, hospital waiting lists rocketing down, crime rate lowest in 20 years, road toll down substantially, low inflation, low interest rates, what makes this even more amazing is….it was achieved against the backdrop of global economic crisis, Christchurch Earthquake, mine disasters, rena grounding and rediculous labour/greens and media screaming the oposite…….OH just like you….you FUCKING IDIOT!!!!

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Stop living in la la land and go and see the economies in Europe and the Americas. You will know how blessed our country is and God did save NZ by helping to knock the communists in 2008.

  • AnonWgtn

    BUT – we have MMP, a stupid system that dumbs everything down left.
    After 2014 no centre right government will happen in a lifetime, because the left mixture will ensure under MMP that it cannot happen.
    The Greens (Grunen in Germany after WW2 invented it to keep them in power, and Nazi’s out).
    It has taken the left left wing almost 20 years via MMP to outstage the Labour left by the real left, to attain power. The Greens will climb over Labour’s backs as tghey are already doing.
    Labour have not a chance to get power without the Greens, who will demand and demand, and cannot be refused, as Labour want power at any cost to the country.
    It will only take a very small swing against national to do this, and it will happen.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Sorry Torry bros – bad news. Labour is not losing here. The toxic coalition is well and truly on its way to power in 2014. You saw the one network news poll where Sheep’s block has more votes than Emperor and his cronies. So Whale bro – bad news I am afraid. Sheep will be your PM in 2014.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Unfortunately National here and the Conservatives there have to pragmatically take into account coelition partner’s voting rights in parliament.

  • 2ndAmendment

    Sound like you’re missing Hellen, Whale.

    The fact of the matter is Labour has the votes in the UK to govern alone, thanks to their gerrymander, if an election was held today.

    The fact of the matter is that Labour here doesn’t have the votes, but will form the next government unless we come together around the Conservatives as the extant party to the right of National.

    And above all, National still hasn’t done the simple things to wipe out Labour and Unions forever – and seems reluctant to do so!