Timing for Shearer’s reshuffle

I understand that Nanaia Mahuta’s baby is due in December.  Does this mean that Shearer will time the reshuffle in the middle of BBQ season – and after the birth of Nanaia’s baby?  January perhaps?

At least he won’t look as though he is sacking a pregnant woman.  Instead he will be targeting a woman with a new baby, a woman who is most likely sleep deprived and a woman who under all this stress may well develop post-natal depression?

So nice to see such inspired leadership from Shearer.

It is good to know he cares about women.  Is Sue Moroney sure that Shearer put his hand up in support of her paid parental leave bill?  Hmmm… may be there is an option for Shearer in that.  He could pay Nanaia to stay away and have an ‘Acting’ Education spokesperson in her place.

Whatever he decides Nanaia is right.  Shearer has lead the charge in attacking Nanaia for being a woman of childbearing age.



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  • 2ndAmendment

    No comments? Excellent!

    because, let’s face it – who gives a shit?

    God Willing, Colin Craig’s frontbench will be rather more important than Shearer’s!

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Colin Craig will have a frontbench?
      You have something to amend

      • Troy

        If Craig gets together with Tamihere they could have frontbums on the frontbenches, what a farce that would be.

    • Guest2

      Shearers front bench has to include 20% unions so he has to make room for Andrew little Helen Kelly Brenda pilott Gary Parsloe.
      Then 20% from affiliates which are union bodies…so take your pick another 6 unions front benchers. Then they cover the pink dollars…so grant gets a couple of mates. Then the caucus gets the balance to choose. That is mallards call with his mates …so OMG ….no room for David Shearer. dAm those new rules of Labour selection.

    • Meg

      Colin Craig will never get into Parliament so a bit hard for him to have a front bench, unless he has a couple of benches at home where he can play Parliament.

      • 2ndAmendment

        Craig is already 2.35% away from Parliament. If the threshold comes down to 4%, he’s 1.35% away; down to 3%, he’s 0.35% away.

        A hell of a lot closer than the fucking leftertarians – and much more than ACT in terms of Party Votes at the last elections.

        Facts. Things liberals hate.

        • Meg

          No, facts are what right wingers hate. Get it right.

          Colin will not get into Parliament unless they lower the threshold to 2%.

          • Agent BallSack

            Fact – You are a stupid leftard cunt.

          • Agent BallSack

            But that’s just a generalization so no offence

          • Meg

            Nice to see the usual level of intelligence from the right.

            When they are losing, go for the personal attacks.

          • Agent BallSack

            Personal attacks out weigh conspiracy theories…your move.

          • Meg

            And the truth wins always.

          • Agent BallSack

            Quoting Meg:
            “Nice to see the usual level of intelligence from the right.”

            When they are losing, go for the personal attacks.

            Hmmmmmmm…tap tap hello this is Irony calling.

          • parorchestia

            His support is growing fast. National needs a reliable coalition partner and he will provide an excellent one. I predict he will get above 4.5% .
            We must do everything possible to stop Liebour as all they can do is bray like the asses they are during question time. They seem to think that policy is a Maori word for enemy – so they won’t have anything to do with it.

  • Lofty

    If I may be so bold as to point out that the PM The right honourable John Key….eats babies..according to Labour, greens, NZ1st tossers,ergo.. once the (snort) princess’ baby is born , mmmm no issue.

    • fozzie

      No Lofty he just lies

      • parorchestia

        Crap. He was deceived. He did not remember a fleeting moment as we are all prone to do – he is bloody busy coping with a world catastrophe, and he hasn’t done at all badly so far.

  • Agent BallSack

    Would like to point out to all you haters she has a degree in social anthropology!

    • Troy

      Which means she sat in lectures listening to people who purported to know how and why people tick in certain ways in the social sense… well, anyone who pretends to know how every individual out there ticks is really presumptuous. I’d rather rely on a taxi driver than a politician with a social anthropology degree.

    • parorchestia

      Explains it all.


    Who cares if she’s pregnant? She isn’t doing a satisfactory job, she goes. If anything, Shearer is setting out a shining example of how NZ employment law should be.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Tories – Sheep’s shadow cabinet reshuffle is one of the very eagerly awaited events in NZ history. By bringing in the enormous talent that is available in Labour caucus, Sheep will be coming with progressive policies like taxing Kiwis to death, shutting down all industries that is possible in NZ. So wait for the earth shattering announcements from the Sheep in the next few months. Cabinet 2014 is forming and storming bros! Whale army must be shaking in their boots now!!!

    • parorchestia

      You forgot printing money.

  • Mighty Kites

    So this post consists of you making shit up (as usual) then lambasting Shearer for doing these things that you’ve made up? Maybe it’s time for visit to the looney bin

  • parorchestia

    But remember the vet who died trying to administer an outsized pill to an elephant by blowing it into its throat through a straw. The elephant blew first.
    Shearer might not survive, either.