Too funny

Clare Curran was asked by Green party flunky Max Coyle where Labour’s ICT policy was?

Clare replied:

Where does that link go?

To my Scribd account….Clare Curran is sending people to Labour’s ICT policy becasue they don;t even have it up themselves and have to rely on a document I leaked before she launched it.

Too funny.


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  • if only the public knew how inept Leftist parties are.

  • toby_toby

    Comedy gold!

  • metalnwood

    Right, so what are you going to replace that document with now she has linked to it??

  • Lol, when it comes to inept its the parties of the right that take the cake. National & ACT couldn’t internet their way out of a paper bag. Labour is pretty useless too as evidenced here, or perhaps its just their caucus that’s useless?