Trump is an Embarrassment

Donald Trump is a silly old fool. His latest “bombshell” is a flop.

Blah blah blah, he is so full of shit. This is just another birther weirdo challenge.

The Onion summed it up accurately:

In a blockbuster announcement today, Donald Trump announced that he is a very sad man who has nothing to live for other than drawing attention to himself. “I’m a sad, pathetic human being and a complete waste of life,” said Trump, adding that he lives an empty existence, and that he is nothing more than a corporate shill, as well as a failed husband, father, and human being. “I am the piece of shit you stepped in on your way to work. I am the vomit that hurls out of your mouth when you are sick. I want to kill myself very badly. Thank you.” Trump then slit his throat from ear to ear.


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  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    He’s not half the embarrassment as is the man who currently passes for president.

    Can’t you see the wood for the trees, Cam?

  • grumpy

    The strange thing is that all these wierd allegations about Obama would be so easy to disprove…………..if they were wrong…………..

    • Notrotsky

      What allegation is Trump trying to make… is Trump the US versoIn of Winston P (drunken trougher of NFA)

      • grumpy

        Regardless of any allegation, Obama has so far refused to release these records. Now, one would think that faced with $5mill to underprivileged children, he would have no problem?????

      • Patrickm

        Perhaps but at least Trump pays his own way & hasn’t spent his entire career bleeding off the taxpayer like Peters has

  • Channeling left media again?

    The left are constantly using ridicule against those who really go after them and you want to help them in this strategy?

    Support Trump he has got a point.

    And if it was any Republican hiding details of his past the way Obama has the left would be screaming for that information to be made public.

  • grumpy

    An easy $US5million!
    For underprivileged children!
    Money for nothing!

  • Bunswalla

    This is right up there with the Stealing Underpants strategy.

  • Bunswalla

    More to the point, what the fuck is that thing on Trump’s head? I’m pretty sure I saw it breathing on the vid.

  • andrewo

    Hell there’s some pretty sad comments in here – embarassing for the Right in fact:
    Obama was at Harvard you morons! He was the editor of the Harvard Law Review I think
    Obama’s birth certificate is a matter of public record. There are also newspaper records announcing his birth.
    Some of you guys really do need to get over it !
    PS He’s not a Muslim either
    PPS Stop watching Fox – it addles the mind

    • cows4me

      Andrew “There are also newspaper records announcing his birth”. This maybe so Andrew but birth records been placed in newspapers at the time were often used to show authorities that a child was born in the US when applying for citizenship. Many children were in fact born outside the US, there are numerous cases on record.

  • redeye

    I see he qualified it with “to my satisfaction”. If he’s got 5 mill to spare then he should just donate it anyway and show he’s not the complete fuckwit most of the world think he is.

  • smega rocket

    reminds me of that Act supporter, forgot his name..

    • Travis Poulson

      Mr Crimp?

  • John Q Public

    I though this announcement was supposed to be about Obama having prior knowledge of the Benghazi embassy attack as an act of terrorism, despite choosing to spin it as a protest about a lame anti-Islamic You Tube video?

  • JC

    The Repubs can thank Trump later. He’s just given the low information voters their first inkling that Obama had sealed his education record.. and presumably values that hidden info more than helping charities.

    All Trump has to do is update progress on this daily to remind voters that there’s something slightly dodgy with Barry to turn down $5 mill for crippled kids.


  • blazer

    Trump is THE poster boy for capitalism….he represents everything wrong with America today.