There has been a spate of morons blindly following instructions from their satellite navigation systems despite the evidence before their eyes that they may be going the wrong way.

In one village in the UK they are so fed up with fools going the wrong way they have taken matters into their own hands:

Frustrated villagers fed up with drivers careering through a dangerous ford have put up a blunt sign warning ‘idiots with twatnavs, meet thy doom’.

Those behind the unofficial tin sign say impatient drivers regularly ignore warning notices and instead follow their Sat Nav directions through the ford – even when it is several feet high with water.

They came up with the unique deterrent following numerous vehicle rescues.


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  • Muzza

    Perhaps we need signs like this here too, for people like this.

  • Name

    Used to get all sorts of people when we lived in South Kaipara Head, asking for bridge to Dargaville that their GPS said existed!

  • thor42

    This is great!
    Yep – sometimes (in fact, very often) you can’t save people from themselves.

  • nasska

    Idiots who refuse to rely on the info their own eyes keep sending them are ripe for the plucking. As young blokes occasionally we would make a few bob for ourselves by towing a car out to the shingle banks on the Ruamahanga River with the old man’s Landrover.

    With the trap baited & the Landrover back up on the stopbank we’d sink a few cold ones while we waited for a turkey to figure that if a Mini could drive out there so could he.

    We’d only charge $5 a tow but it paid for the afternoon’s petrol & beer.

    • Travis Poulson


  • jonno1

    Strangely, my Navman, in-car GPS, and even my Android app all show me “off-road” in certain locations, even though the roads are yonks old. One example is parts of SH54 between Vinegar Hill and Feilding.

  • Travis Poulson

    1; My own instinct.
    2: Navigational device.
    3: Directions from a woman.