Union busted outsourcing

Union, like the Greens are the most sanctimonious in politics. Where the Greens sanctimony extends to things environmental the unions are worst in industrial relations. The very things they claim are evil of employers are the same things they do to their own staff.

Just last week the PSA was fined for illegally dismissing a sick employee and in Australia the ACTU has been busted outsourcing staff. Once again unions practice their do as we say not as we do approach to politics:

THE ACTU has joined the ranks of corporate Australia by moving to axe nearly 20 per cent of its staff and by outsourcing work.

The controversial restructure will see nearly all jobs in the Australian Council of Trade Unions’ media and campaigns section cut. Sources said some of that work would be outsourced to Essential Media Communications, a union-friendly public relations company.

The union movement has been a bitter critic of outsourcing and a union official who spoke to The Age questioned the move. Another senior unionist, who is on the ACTU executive, said he was unaware that the job cuts were coming.

ACTU secretary Dave Oliver defended the changes, which will also see staff cut from its training department. A total of about 20 will leave through a mix of compulsory and voluntary redundancies.

”This is the way I’m going to run the ACTU,” Mr Oliver said. ”Reorient it to be more campaign-orientated.”

He said the restructure had the backing of senior officers and affiliated unions.

Mr Oliver defended the job cuts from the communications department and said it was in response to a changing media environment.

He rejected claims the ACTU had been hypocritical on outsourcing. ”We currently use third-party providers and continue to do so, we will have some in-house capacity.”

The ACTU has campaigned hard in recent years on the issue of insecure work and has also regularly attacked employers for shedding staff.

In July Mr Oliver attacked Ford for layoffs and said ”workers must not be made scapegoats for poor management decisions”.


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  • cows4me

    It could have been argued once that unions had their place in society as they spoke for the common working man, unfortunately this has long since passed. Now most are nothing more then criminal organisations who instead of defending their brothers are more interested in living off their labors. Of course socialism/communism is their creed or stock of trade but what these fools fail to recognise or refuse to acknowledge is they have become the very ideology they so protest against.

  • Grandstream

    When my parents arrived in NZ I the 60’s the unions were there to help, and encourage new arrivals to aspire to something better than what they knew before. This approached worked well, and those new immigrants saw a better life. Fast forward 30 years, the unions want their members to stay on the lower rungs on the social ladder. Why ? It ensures a loner revenue stream and a loyal group of misguided members to protest at against anything the union doesn’t like eg ports of Auckland……..the shame my parents generation feels towards modern unions is sad to see!

  • Dave

    So, every employer in NZ and Australia, now has a very valid defense when restructuring. Yunno, mr union official, i read how that redneck Dave Oliver from the ACTU said they needed to restructure, and outsource, so I got to a thinkin, and as Mr Oliver said, “this is the way I am going to run the ACTU, and if its good enough for them, its good enough for me, so Mr Union official, go on a sexual excursion, Im following the union’s own example, and This is the Way I am going to run MY OWN COMPANY.