Unprecedented Warming? Think again

New research shows that far from the strident claims of warmists there is not “unprecedented warming“, it in fact has happened just like now more than 1000 years ago.

This new analysis shows that the warming we have seen in the late-20th century is not unprecedented, as can be seen in figure 5 (from the paper). Seen in the reconstruction is a well-defined peak of temperature between 950–1050 AD. They also find that the first millennium is warmer than the second.

Reconstruction of the extra-tropical NH mean temperature (C) based on the gray-shaded proxies in Table 1 reaching back to at least 300 AD. Calibration period 1880–1960AD. Only proxies with positive correlations and a p-value less than 0.01 are used. The included proxies are given in the legend. Thin curves are annual values; thick curves are 50-yr smoothed. Red curves show bias and confidence intervals for the 50-yr smoothed values. From ensemble pseudo-proxy studies mimicking the reconstructions, we have calculated the distribution of 50-yr smoothed differences between reconstructions and target. The biases and the upper and lower 2.5% quantiles are calculated from these distributions. In the figure the biases (full red curves) have been added to the real-world reconstructions. Likewise, the upper and lower quantiles have been added to the real-world reconstructions (dashed red curves). The green curve shows the observed extra-tropical (>30 N) annual mean temperature. The yellow curve show the temperature average over grid-cells with accepted proxies. Both curves have been centered to zero in 1880–1960 AD.


The researchers conclude:

“The level of warmth during the peak of the MWP (Medieval Warm Period) in the second half of the 10th century, equaling or slightly exceeding the mid-20th century warming, is in agreement with the results from other more recent large-scale multi-proxy temperature reconstructions.”

The link to the journal is here.


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  • conwaycaptain

    When Henry V was clobbering the Frogs at the re match at Agincourt, where he took revenge for Hastings in 1066, they were producing wine in Southern England. They are again today.

  • Vlad

    conwaycaptain, re your earlier and as usual well-informed post about global warming, has anyone published an analysis of ships’ temperature logs as gathered and collected for 100+ years?

  • Mediaan

    Yeah, I often think myself accursed I was not there.

  • cows4me

    It’s incredible how these socialist/commie fucks can predict doom with about a 100 years of records. I can not understand how the western world has been stitched up by these bullshitting bastards. Fucking National party are weak pricks and should hang their corrupt heads in shame. It was always about wealth redistribution and tax, fucking National claim they are there for small business, oh fucking please. Why don’t you politicians grow a set and put an end to this horseshit. I note we now hear fuck all about how and what our carbon taxes are doing to save the world. It’s a fucking con you pricks are a con I know it and so do the people. Every cent you steal from the people actually makes this country poorer but of course you idiots already know this.