We fund this?

National may cut some spending but there is still plenty of bullshit wasting of tax dollars out there. How could these people possibly think this was prudent spending of the public purse?

I’d love to know what the spend on this was.

A natural therapy clinic at Whanganui Hospital offering massage and traditional Maori healing has been shelved after a doctor linked it to witchcraft and wizardry.

The clinic also offered Christian prayer and energy healing – including reiki and colour therapy – to staff for health and wellbeing.

The hospital agreed to offer the therapies as a three-month trial, but it was stopped early, on September 19, because of the doctor’s comments.

“After we decided to have the pilot for staff, there was some negative publicity generated by a couple of our board members,” chief executive Julie Patterson said. “I wasn’t overly concerned about it.

“Some weeks later, one of the senior doctors made a comment publicly in the local newspaper – a positive comment, not a negative comment – about the trial, but linked it with witchcraft and wizardry.”


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  • Tony

    “Maori” healing? Can’t have been very successful before the honkys turned up!

    1. Maori healing needed – then use the money already provided by Treaty settlements.

    2. Christian prayers needed – go to a church

    3. Witchcraft and eye of newt required – go see option 1.

  • blokeintakapuna

    At least the Taniwha’s don’t need an entire ward/wing/hospital for their “wellbeing”

  • BJ

    A natural therapy clinic is great if the staff use their own disposable income to pay for alternative therapies to self help AND as long as its not in work time. DHB’s aren’t some private corporate that can choose to pamper staff or not – the health system is still taxpayer funded thus far – until the libertarians get in.

  • tarkwin

    Sounds like the local trust up here. The couple that run it are known as the “super Maoris” because no one else can get near it, and they get a real good hand out from the Whangarei council for doing bugger all.

  • Teletubby

    I damn near lost my weetbix when I read this this morning. It’s been bugging me ever since too.
    Is the cost of this subject to the OIA? If so can anyone tell me where I start in requesting the information?

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Wasn’t Hone’s mum was pretty good at the “laying of hands” business?

    • Tony

      sure was – and the media never seem to remember that – nor all of the money that was stolen by her. Lucky Helen C as Health Minister!

  • Red

    Can you really blame the “govt” for this though? I assume when they dole out the $$$ they have some trust in the DHB to not behave like pocket pissing sycophantic new-agers with common sense apnoea.

  • Vlad

    This kind of taxpayer funded bollix exists across a far wider spectrum than just the Maori community, or even the health lobby.
    Information on this blog has pointed to union “partners” in Quango organisations funded by government departments (ie our money).
    To be fair, industry groups also sup at the trough.
    I know that for a fact because I served on one once.
    Time for another Quango hunt.
    Maybe when Paula has finished (or should that be started) sorting out the welfare sector she should be kitted out with body armour, a Gatling gun and a few boxes of depleted uranium ammo and given open season on the Quangos.

  • Teletubby

    We obviously have a seriously flawed system if we have people on the DHBs who think this is a valid use of public money

  • Richard McGrath

    I was thinking of turning up to work there next week wearing a wizard costume, but I don’t think anyone in management would see the funny side…