What has Nanaia Mahuta actually done?

For all her protesting about people being out to get her she has not given any good reasons to keep her.

Maybe I have been asleep for as long as she has been in the education portfolio, and there have been some stunning policies Fran Mold hasn’t managed to get the media to cover?

Or maybe she has nailed Queen Hekia in the house and I was preoccupied with guns and hunting and missed it?

Or maybe she has been something more than an entitlement orientated Maori Princess who believes that her tribal rank entitles her to do nothing and get all the status that comes with high birth?

Or maybe she is just dead set useless and Shearer really does need to give her the arse-card.


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  • Botti

    National will be hoping they retain her in that role.

  • Captain Crab

    But but but, shes maori. How dare you question her work ethic you racist/sarc

  • tarkwin

    Nepotism has never produced a winner.

    • Magor

      Tarkwin – you need to check out the ‘new’ South Africa in regard to your statement – it certainly works there a real treat in fact – very rewarding to the lucky ‘nepotism’ lot!!!

  • rouppe

    I vote for option 4

  • Scanner

    Another useless woman -Maori in the role to fill a seat and a quota, waste of space kick her arse to the kerb.

  • Goldie

    She has a degree in “social anthropology”. Since then, she has spent 16 years in Parliament. Can anyone name a single major policy initiative of hers?

    • botti

      ***She has a degree in “social anthropology”. ***

      In other words, the post modernist marxist branch of anthropology – decoupled from empirical analysis. Designed for ethnic grievance mongers.

      • Kimbo

        aka “moon-beams and monkey shit”

  • Pete George

    One thing she has done is she got selected as prospective deputy by David Cunliffe. If she has been so MIA why would he have done that?

    • botti

      Cunliffe might have been short of allies? Might have seen it as a way to get Maori behind him?

    • pukakidon

      Maybe she was the turd that floated to the top in the Liarbour bucket of piss.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Mahuta. She has actually done an MA. She has actually voted against Labour on the first and second reading of the foreshore Act. And of course she actually voted for it in its final reading. Probably thought it best not to bite the hand that feeds.
    Done? Well, that’d be……… nothing.

  • Whafe

    Got to be honest, what has Nanaia Mahuta done????

    • Cadwallader

      She opened her vast thighs and got up the duff!!! That’s what she’s done.

    • GRIM

      Get a job you fucks before i get out my shotgun and play “shoot get the coons”

  • thor42

    She has been ***ABYSMAL***.
    If there is *one* area that the Nats are vulnerable in, it is the education portfolio. We keep on *blindly persisting* with completely discredited methods of teaching reading like “whole language”, while the rest of the world has realised what crap that is and has switched back to phonics reading.

    And yet – what has Mahuta done to capitalise on this?

    Completely bloody useless. Waste of space.
    Kick her arse out the door.

  • LR

    Mahuta. The sole member of the ABC party