What next? Interviewing the maid?

David Fisher continues to fellate anything remotely connected with Kim Dot Con. Today he interviewed the help.

I can’t hardly wait for an exclusive with the maid, no doubt breathlessly explaining why Kim Dot Con wears boxers and not briefs and why they need to change the sheets every day.

The interview with the guy that cuts the lawn will be huge, followed by the pool cleaner exclusive.


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  • thor42

    The whole dotcom thing is a complete **yawnfest.**
    Wake me up when the Slack Caps win a game (that should give me a few years sleep…….).

    • Lion_ess

      Ah, the black caps – a far more interesting topic than KDC. Why does NZ continue to support a team that is a perennial embarrassment, who ran out of excuses for losing years ago. Even the name “Black Caps” would seem more suited to an Under 8 T-Ball Team. Cringe

      • conwaycaptain

        Black Cap was what the Judge put on his head when pronouncing the DEATH PENALTY

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Sheep is considering taking up coaching the Black Cats. “Key made millions, Sheep saved Cats”. I am so bored and frustrated with media’s obsession with .com

    • Lion_ess

      Two things I would like to know:-
      1 Do the black caps teach their sons to play cricket just like Dad?
      2 How much does Kim Dot Con weigh?

  • Muzza

    Was he the guy caught with illegal firearms? if so, hardly surprising he’d have a negative view of police

  • Gazzaw

    Who really gives a flying fuck about Dotcom? Probably only journos on the payola. In the meantime we are all bored witless. It’s all yesterdays news, if it ever was news.


  • Whafe

    Once again, this whole DotCon is like wathching paint dry or the grass grow….
    Go and do some investigative stuff you pinkos journalists, you may then slow down the demise of printed media….

  • tarkwin

    I saw this guy getting interviewed ages ago. He strikes me as the type who read too many war comics when he was young and grew up thinking he was a soldier of fortune, trained assassin and super body guard. Unfortunately when he opens his mouth reality comes out and he just sounds like a moron. Thought Dot Con could have done better at WINZ.

  • mandymoo

    How disappointing to see Fisher continue to parrot the fat germans lines. The paper needs to start asking Fisher what he is getting out of the simpering fanboi lines he keeps offering up as articles.

  • No-one has ever been able to explain to me the reason why if Dotcom is NOT doing anything illegal or dodgy he needs armed bodyguards.

    • Mark

      Just having money is enough to put a target on his kids backs,never mind putting a bounty on terrorists.There are many good reasons to have bodyguards in NZ not the least of which is that you are unable to carry the means to defend yourself.
      “The pistol-gripped weapons were not covered by Mr Tempero’s firearms licence.” This is pretty vague by the Police & may well be nit picking of the highest order,we will not know until trial,if it gets to that stage.I know there is speculation that the guns were illegal but it seems odd that details have not been released.

  • Its a case of the media trying to keep the Dotcom story alive….time they moved on really.

  • Troy

    Yup the whole Dotcom thing is getting boring… he should just fuckoff to another country, the fat bastard is destroying our attention upon the inadequacies of the labour party and their inept mp’s and card carrying pinkos. As for Tempero – he can fuck off too, apparently he is a tough asshole so he can handle it… well apparently not according to his sob story. boo hoo.