When Gotcha politics goes wrong

On the same day that National released their welfare?initiatives?and Labour had so much to talk about in an area they like to think they own, they instead launched a gotcha attack via their proxies in the media and online against john Key that looks like it has actually got their own leader.

David Shearer promised not to engage in gotcha politics and then ineptly launched into an attack based on pillow talk from his staffer Fran Mold.

The Labour Party’s GCSB leak has been revealed.

The partner of David Shearer’s chief spin doctor, former TVNZ political journalist Fran Mold, is a former spy – he left the organisation in March this year.

That’s where the party’s information has come from that when John Key was briefed at the GCSB in February, he spoke to the spies in a cafeteria.

Barry Soper is a little wonky in his analysis though because [redacted] no longer works at GCSB having left there for a job at Primary Industries. He is however very good friends with Agent “G” who must be sitting at his desk waiting for all hell to descend upon him wishing he had never met either [Redacted] or Fran.

For his party though David Shearer is either very stupid or has been set up. Because right now no one is ever going to trust him?because?he plays shameless politics with security agencies. Like Phil Goff before him he has blamed the agency and accused them of lying and worse of physically destroying evidence on Firstline this morning. We all know how that turned out for Phil Goff.

Shearer has shown himself unfit for office.