Where is the support for Shearer?

David Shearer went large on the GCSB story. He is the leader of the Labour party and so you would think that other Labour MPs would have charged along behind their leader lending support as he went after John Key.

Fortunately most of the top members of the Labour caucus believe in social media as a way to engage with the public on matters that they think are important to the public….like GCSB allegedly recording the Prime Minister telling a joke about a fat German fraudster.

Let’s see what they tweeted in support of their leader.

Grant Robertson is Labour’s deputy leader and has been leading the charge on Kim Dotcon in Parliament, on Twitter he had this to say about Shearer’s accusations:

What about Jacinda Ardern?

Clare Curran?

Trevor Mallard?

David Cunliffe?

Maryan Street?

Su’a William Sio?

So including above there is all those on Labour’s front bench who tweet and some others who are supposed to be thought-leaders for the party and they are all focused on other things.

No one, not even Mallard, was backing Shearer’s attack. Even Robertson who has been leading the charge in Parliament has been silent.

David Shearer is a man alone going over the top, a surfboard under one arm and a guitar under the other. He really needs to go, it is obvious when you look at social media that he doesn’t have the support of his caucus anymore.

This is looking more and more like he has been stitched up by Fran Mold…if that is the case then cui bono?


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  • LesleyNZ

    Reading all the above tweets (well most of them) shows that Labour is a “gone-burger”.

    • Petal

      Not so quick. Like comedy, it’s all in the timing. They’re not going into the election with Shearer. The whole leadership change will be a circuit breaker and a game changer. Patience… it’s not time yet. Shearer will be allowed, no, needed! as the leader through the Xmas holidays as an absolute minimum.

  • Lion_ess

    The classic game of Simon Says. Everyone else doing This while Shearer is caught out doing That. Game over

  • Amy Nesia

    Distraction … so focused on silly sheepish Shearer we have stopped noticing that our once wonderful leader and saviour of the financial crisis has started to loose his memory. “I don’t remember”, “I don’t recall”, is repeated so often that his excuses show a lack of professional integrity and mind power. Some say his recent trip to Hollywood was to sound out the mighty moguls about his movie, “Star Wars episode 6: The Phantom Memory”. I hear Dear John won’t be starring cause he couldn’t remember his lines.

    • Travis Poulson

      No worse than the opposition parties having a jobs summit (minus the turnout) about a crisis that doesn’t exist.

    • Joe Bloggs

      Yet more tail-spin from Labour… eh amy-nesic?

      In this case there is no evidence that Key was briefed – as that dead-man-walking Shearer is finding out – and Key has front-footed this with his call for an inquiry into the GCSB.
      This is completely the opposite to that out-and-out liar Phil Goff who point-blank and repeatedly lied and denied any briefing from the SIS on Israeli nationals in Christchurch despite damning evidence that Goff was indeed briefed.
      Let’s not even touch on the prima facie case of art forgery by Clark, or hanging out 5 police officers and a civilian driver to dry as she was driven at 160km/h through the streets of New Zild with her head stuck so far up her arse she couldn’t see the speedo

      • Amy Nesia

        Joe, Tim G, Steven J, whoever you are … yet more distraction focussing on the stupidity and faults of others instead of looking at the stupidity and faults of Johnny the Con. I can understand you feeling so threatened when your boss doesn’t know what day of the week it is (let alone where he’s been or who he has spoken to).
        BTW An enquiry into the ethics and honesty of a spy agency is a farce and about as useful, practical, and truthful as John Banks representing Epsom.

        • Joe Bloggs

          I trust Willis Street is paying you well for the overtime Amy

        • parorchestia

          Johnny the Con! If anything John K suffers from being too honest and straightforward. And don’t put too much weight on mid-term polls as they are always tend against the government at the time. When a voter is on the ballot box it is a lot different. They will see a government that has steered us successfully through a hell of a time of international turmoil, which has social policy approved by the great majority of people, a health minister who has been the best for a very long time, a finance minister who has shown his experience and excellent judgement, an education minister who at least has the balls to stand up against the teachers’ unions, and a PM who has successfully juggled closer relations with America and free trade with China – no mean feat. When you look at the opposition – what a pack of braying idiots they are at Question Time. And her with the overly-white teeth going on about poverty, give us a break. Nit-picking points of order (by nit wits), no-policy wonks, and so on and so on.
          So you do you think Mr and Mrs Sensible are going to vote for next election?

        • Gazzaw

          Hi Amy. Trolls are welcome here but a degree of intelligence is a given & a sense of humour an advantage.

          You have neither so fuck of back to the Standard. You will make the grade there.

          Not bad spelling though.

    • Glad you are getting the odd-named conspiracy theorists too Cam; I thought it was just my magnetic personality!!

    • Mediaan

      I’ll choose a date: let’s say 10 Feb 2012. What exact conversations, where, and with whom, did you have that day Mr Nesic?

      • overthehill

        Bit of a red herring there, don’t you think? Joe Public doesn’t have press secretaries, media minders, engagement diaries, drafts of speeches, ‘approved for delivery’ speeches, or the staff of a whole Department dedicated to just one man’s daily functions to rely on.

        Shonky JohnKey, on the other hand….does.

        And yet he still expects people to swallow the suggestion that he is a one man show doing everything himself and therefore he can’t remember a thing. Dare say he’ll suddenly develop (excuse the pun) a photographic memory for what everyone says and does when he’s in Opposition though, he was pretty good at it last time, as I recall (or do I? I forget). Funny that.

    • Anonymouse Coward

      Jo Bennetts column in this weeks Christchurch Press writing of John Keys trip to Hollywood as a J R R Tolkien style quest is satire at its finest.


  • AnonWgtn

    Shearer may be a goner, like Mold, but any new leader, along with Greenpeace NZ Branch and Winston, will still win the day in 2014.
    Key is unfortunately damaged, principally led by “Ambrose” Utu of the media, so all the opposition parties do not have to do anything.
    I do not think that Key/National, no matter what they do, can retrieve the position, despite what they are doing is in the country’s best interest.
    Any financial balancing will be rapidly destroyed again when the lefties and far lefties get in.
    It becomes National’s to lose not the opposition to win.
    Sad really, but that’s New Zealand life today – all black.

  • Joe Bloggs

    Fran O’Sullivan writes that this has been a glorious own-goal by Shearer…

    I have to take my hat off to Robertson, Mallard, and Mold for stitching up Shearer so completely – feed him a lame-duck line about a mysterious video-tape floating around and wait for Shearer to turn it into aging shark-bait in a wetsuit.

    Shearer’s hold on the reins of power in Labour must be soooo tenuous.

    • Rockape

      Reminds me of a story my grandfather told me. In the trenchs the old hands would sit in the bottom of the trench and tell the new boy to stick his head up to see if the sniper was still there. Shearer will last as long as the new boy!

  • jay cee

    more to the point, where is nationals support for heir mr solar rectum in all of the kim dot com affair? bill english talking up a book fair in frankfurt wont cut it as distraction.

  • LR

    Shearer is smelling like a corpse and those around him will be pushing him out of the tent. The ABC party is not popular so I guess Alfs mate gets in by default. It’s going to get interesting with Labour and the Greens trying to wear the same pants.

  • Sooty

    It is like the last election. Lots of independants and no mention of a leader of the party. He was just a nobody.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Shearer = lone wolf?
    or more abandoned mutt kicked to the cold outdoords?