Who is Labour’s finance spokesman?

I am slightly perplexed and certainly bemused.  This is a tale of two Davids.

Last week, one David delivered this speech to Eriksens conference. Eriksens is a bunch of actuaries and investment specialists. This David waxed lyrical about silly economic policies that don’t work and would put the New Zealand economy into the dark ages. This David is Labour’s Finance spokesman.

Over the weekend, another David delivered this speech to a little wee residents association (sorry, I mean citizens association).  Curiously, this  is a vision speech on the economy. Full of hyperbole, simile and vomit in the bucket stuff.  It isn’t an economic development speech like this David’s portfolio, nor is it a measly associate finance speech.  This is an arse-kicking economy speech that sees this David look like he is challenging not just the Labour party leadership (we are used to that) but also the Party’s economic policy direction.  It is also interesting as this is the first real challenge to the Greens from a Labour party MP.

So, I ask.  Who is the Labour Party’s Finance spokesman?  Will David Shearer’s performance management system show that David Cunliffe has in fact outperformed David Parker in this area?



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  • johnbronkhorst

    “who is labours finance spokesman?”……..well one thing is for sure….you won’t discover that by looking in their caucus for a suitably qualified person….because there are NONE.

  • Goldie

    Cunliffe said: “the economy is like a farm or garden. If you want a garden to grow, then you have to dig the soil and plant the seeds…”
    Oh my God –
    David Cunliffe is Chauncey Gardner!
    Either David Cunliffe is taking the piss brilliantly by quoting Chauncey Gardner, or else he has just completely embarrassed himself.

  • Horace the Grump

    Why does Labour persist with the idea that it is a really good idea to chop people’s living standards by forcing down the exchange rate??? It makes no sense and is nonsense!