Who is the Mole?

David Fisher catches up two days late after this blog wrote about the Labour’s “Mole”:

The partner of the chief press secretary to Labour leader David Shearer has been drawn into the row over alleged leaks after being exposed as a former GCSB spy agency employee.

[Redacted] is an academic who lives with former New Zealand Herald and TVNZ journalist Fran Mold. She now works as an adviser to Mr Shearer.

Yesterday NewstalkZB reported [Redacted] was the source for Mr Shearer’s claims the Prime Minister had joked with GCSB staff about Kim Dotcom in the agency’s cafeteria.

Ms Mold and [Redacted] did not respond to messages.

Fisher must have pulled his head out of DotCon’s arse for five minutes to catch up on this.


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  • Petal

    “Kim Dotcom has called for whistleblowers to come forward with information.”

    I wonder what criteria can be applied to revoke a Permanent Residence Visa?

    As a person who does not want to be forced to leave this country, he’s doing an awful lot of bridge burning with those that could actually make this happen.

    • Encouraging GCSB to break the law should be enough. Otherwise allow the us to use Rendition.

      • P1LL

        Cam why all the “[Redacted]” ? it is all over the web

        • Travis Poulson

          I think I even heard Barry Soper mention it on ZB

    • Patrick

      Cut off the fat pigs food supply – free burgers once he is through customs at Auckland Airport with flush him out for sure

  • Captain Crab

    I’m amazed Fran has a boyfriend.