Why is it Dark at Night?

The answer isn’t so straight forward as you think.


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  • Hard1

    Do the Maori have a claim for the night yet ?

    Tane and Hine had a beautiful daughter called Hinetitama. When
    Hinetitama grew up, she had daughters to Tane. One day Hinetitama asked
    Tane who her father was, and on discovering that Tane was the father
    of her children, she fled with shame into the night, to a place
    called Rarohenga, the underworld. From then on she became known
    as Hine-nui-te-po, the goddess of the night.

  • Orange

    one minute physics vid? usually really good. that one seems right off. the red shift stuff makes no sense, or rather, would only hold true if visible light wasn’t part of the entire electromagnetic spectrum that proceeds both above and below the visible.

    • engineer

      I was wondering that, also the atmosphere
      at night would absorb/scatter light, presumably differently depending on its wavelength. Maybe infra-red gets absorbed more. Another reason to get an infra-red cammera.


  • OldMichael
  • xyz

    This one is betterhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQz0VgMNGPQ

  • parorchestia

    Isn’t it the inflation of space that makes it seem that galaxies are moving apart? Comments for astronomers please.