Would you buy a phone system from this guy?

Hidden in a story about the cops making a land grab for even more big brother style powers is the tale of a South African migrant who has just been found guilty of perverting the course of justice by faking his ID when caught for serious driving offences.

Van Niekerk who works for controversial phone system sellers Intagr8 has just had what amounts to a get out of jail free card handed to him by another soft judge.

This will allow him to continue to sell phone systems offering unsuspecting businesses massive call credits to disguise the outrageous price they are being charged for what is pretty inexpensive kit these days.

It is a scheme that appears similar to arrangements that have been thoroughly discredited in Australia many times with many different official bodies getting involved to try and help the hapless business owners untangle the financial mess left behind when these types of companies inevitably disappear and pop up again elsewhere.

A simple google search on the google.com.au with the search term…phone system finance bundle scam should give any business who have taken on a phone system with seemingly unbelievable favourable terms pause for thought.

A five minute look through the links on the Oz google search shows that it appears to be the same players who have caused massive mayhem in Australia that are now having a go at it here.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, someone eventually has to pay.

It surely can’t be too long before the underlying telco that wholesales services to them looks at their considerable exposure and call an end to this little ponzi scheme…my only fear is the authorities will take too long to act and the mastermind will have bolted back whence he came along with all his repatriated cash.

If you or annybody you know owns a business and feels that they may have been caught in this please let the tipline know and we will try and help you.


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  • blazer

    Telstra are complicit in this obviously.So long as they make money the b ig telcos do not care what 3rd party service’ providers do.

  • Silent Witness

    You are either brave or stupid publishing this Mr Slater. The owners of that company are Australians that should have their own series of Underbelly.
    There are a group of them who were all buddys of a fella called Hakim that have caused mayhem all over Australia for years with these finance deals.
    Over here they were spruiking phone systems and plasma televisions and security systems claiming that they were giving people back some of the margin in the telco bill to cover the monthly payments. Trouble is the amount they were giving back was far more than the margin. Once they find it harder to find new businesses to sell to the shortfall in the phone bills gets so big that they shut up shop and disappear into the bush leaving the punter with no phone service and a massive monthly finance company automatic payment on kit that is worthless.
    We were wondering where they had gone.
    You should delete the post for your own safety and pass any information you have to the kiwi equivalent of the ACCC.

    Good luck

  • Sarrs

    Same company?

    We had this company (or someone who was offering a very similar product) phone a couple of months ago and they were extremely persistent. To the point of phoning back when they were hung up on and insisting on speaking to someone with more authority than me. I said a polite goodbye and hung up again.

    • Dave

      Saars. Just tell them the boss is busy, and put them on hold, and on hold and on hold for as long as possible, its a great game! After an hour or so, tell them the boss has been called to an urgent matter and no one knows when he/she will be back.

  • ripped off

    That is them.
    Up to there old tricks in kiwiland now.
    Hilarious, bet they have a bunch of unpermitted telesales staff too. Amazing that people can just roll a business and start again somewhere else.

  • sparkystu

    My office manager took a call from these turkeys about 6 months ago and organised a meeting to hear the too good to be true offer. Just as well I stepped in or we would have ended up with an NEC phone system worth around 4k.. At a cost to us of around 25k!!!!
    Oily scruffy aussie sales rep had the smoothest sales pitch I have heard. Refused to sign on the spot and nearly had to get aggro with him to leave. Went from slick willy to raging bull in about three seconds.
    We got vodafone to do a review in the end and our phone bill is now more reasonable.

  • mandymoo
  • herbert

    Our company signed with these people and whilst at the start had some teething problems all is fine now, we have been with them for 3 years.

    • deano

      Hah, check the rates your paying Herbert. Bet your prices have not come down for three years and maybe ask them whether you own the equip at the end of the term and then quake in terror at the thought of this lot disappearing and leaving you having to find new a telco service where you will not get the rebate but still have to pay the finance company.

  • deano

    do a price comparison with other telco’s, ask them if you own the equipment at the end and be very afraid that they might disappear because if they do you will have to go and find a new telco who will not give you “call credits” and the finance company are going to still need to be paid..

  • pukakidon

    Another one of those too good to be true rip offs. Think carefully before electing to use these cowboys. Shoddy business practices and poor management.