Would it be OK if they were left wing?

Chris Trotter’s final point rabbiting on about billionaires taking over the press needs questioning.

New Zealand democracy is far too important to be entrusted to newspapers wholly owned and influenced by right-wing billionaires.

Would it be ok if the billionaires were left wing Chris?


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  • Another hypocritical left wing petty tyrant cloaking himself in the garb of a serious public commentator.

    Anyone read anything from Trotter criticising the left wing billionaire George Soros’s massive expenditure in influencing political outcomes all over the globe?

    • Michael S

      Trotter is putting up a straw man. What does it matter who owns the media, the left have total control of the editorial content.
      Look at the feeding frenzy they have had on John Key ever since he called them out for abusing his privacy. Rags like the Sunday papers and the Herald’s selection of columnists are doing all they can to undermine the Government.Not to mention the salivating so-called objective journalists are doing over the criminal, Dot Com.
      What these blinkered half-wits in the media forget is that in trying to destroy Key and Natonal they are also screwing with the country’s reputation and future.

      Michael S

      • Macca

        Well said Michael – but do they really realise the dangerous game they are playing? What I can’t figure is how they get away with it and why they are so far left? The only thing I can figure is that they must all belong to a union and as a consequence, that is where the bias/pressure comes from? Your thoughts would be welcome?

        • 2ndAmendment

          State education – indoctrination in socialism.

          • Teachersrock

            Total rubbish 2nd, You do not know what you are talking about.

        • Michael S2

          Macca, they come out of journalism school with a left-leaning world view that is reinforced and magnified by their more experienced union member colleagues.

      • blazer

        Capt America is doing a great job ‘screwing with the countrys reputation and future’…without needing any help.

    • Macca

      On Trotter’s above statement Red, I think this just proves that he has completely lost touch with reality! When God was handing out brains, Chris thought he said trains and he’s still waiting at the fucken station!!!!!!
      TV1 news has become so one sided, they may as well dress in red (many of them do), and put a hammer and sycle emblem on their chest!

  • Michaels

    You crack me up Cam, a billionaire left winger LOL!!!
    Now on a more important note…. Michael S, change your name please. Although I don’t have the time to post here as often as I did, I claimed the name 100,000 years ago when The Whale first started blogging :)

    • Michael S2


  • flipper

    Since when was “dumbfax” owned by “right wingers” ?
    Gina Reinhardt may not take any prisoners, but I dont see her as being any diffierernt from most others Aussie billionaires – except that she tells it like it is!.
    In the next few months I would expect her to insist on Fairfax balancing its editorial conternt to neutral.

  • cows4me

    Does holding your chin suppose to make you look intelligent? Can’t tell if he’s thinking of some socialist clap trap or sitting on the throne.

  • Lindsay

    Chris Trotter: “If the future of the print media belongs to those with the
    deepest pockets, then perhaps it is time to start thinking about the creation
    of a publicly-funded, editorially neutral (and that neutrality would need to be
    guaranteed by statute) national (with a small “n”!) newspaper?”

    Something like Radio NZ???

    • 2ndAmendment

      He means something like the Granuiad, no doubt. or “Pravda” as we call it.
      Or, yes, I guess, RadioCommunism

    • parorchestia

      If Trotter wants an “editorially neutral” national paper let him dip deep into his own pockets and use the money he is paid by a free economy to establish one.

  • left wing billionaires print their own money

  • 2ndAmendment

    No. It’s never OK when anyone is left-wing – especially not anyone with money.

  • John

    TV3 has just reported that 40,000 teenagers will have their wages docked. Such blatantly false anti government reporting is right wing?

  • Patrick

    Just shows how out of touch wit reality the lefties are – the idea of reading a newspaper is almost totally foreign to younger people, they get their news from electronic form, blogs, twitter, facebook RSS feeds etc etc. Some 60 year old reminiscing about the good old days under Soviet rule just shows what a muppet Trotter is.
    Why should my tax pay for some one else to be able to read a free newspaper – don’t I have a say – Oh I forgot not when the lefties are telling me what is good for me.