I am not an enthusiastic supporter of abortion…but I do think the laws surrounding abortion need to be amended because they reflect attitudes from a by-gone era.

What I can’t countenance though are threats from bullies, they do their cause no good at all:

Police are investigating an anonymous threat to destroy a new Invercargill abortion clinic and intimidate its medical staff.

Labour, National and the Greens all condemned the threat, but as the debate rages, Deputy Prime Minister and Southland MP Bill English is staying silent.

The threat against the clinic and its staff was emailed to the Abortion Law Reform Association on Wednesday. “People who work at the clinic are legitimate targets and so are you. You’ll be hearing from me again, that is if your computer, or in fact your premises, are in one piece,” it said.

The threat also referred to a hospital source providing details about clinic staff.

The Sunday Star-Times last week revealed the clinic opened in secrecy to protect the identity of its staff, after months of anti-abortion protest in Invercargill.

I wonder of these dickheads have thought about the irony of being pro-life yet threatening to kill?