Young Conservatives apply here

via the tipline.

I highlighted that the Conservatives have been working hard to have a presence on the campus of each major university.  While the Obama-like poster of Colin Craig was a laugh I am now beginning to wonder whether Colin’s advisers are just setting him up.

Here is a photo of the Young Conservatives stand.  A bit like Colin, the stand looks harmless enough.

However, it all becomes a little more interesting when we zoom in on that little white sign.

Hmmm… what is this ‘personality test’ for? If it is a test is there a pass mark?  Are they looking for people with a low enough IQ to believe that Colin is an excellent frontman? I wonder if commenters can come up with the real reason to have a personality test as part of joining up to the Conservatives.


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  • CoNZervative

    Haven’t you heard about this? It’s a test to see how Conservative or not you are. Been around for ages. Go on Cam. I dare you…

    Labour also has one, but its blank.


    You think with the amount of cash he is spending he would have gone for slightly better branding. Their logo smacks of kid playing on Paint.

    • Tony

      possibly appropriate for the electorate…….


    Scientology = the Conservatives?

  • redeye

    Maybe they use an E-Meter.

  • dunedindene

    its to see that you are “straight enough” to be a conservative.

  • Pete George

    Seems sensible to me, Conservatives already have a leader so they’re looking for a personality.

    So you could imagine:
    – the Labour stand having a ‘Free leadership test’
    – the Act stand having a ‘Free Actoid test’
    – the UF stand having a ‘Free member test’
    – the NZF stand having a ‘Free successor test’
    – the Mana stand having a ‘Free radical test’
    – the Maori Party stand having a ‘Free water test’
    – the National stand having a ‘Mistake Free test’

    • AzaleaB

      NZF – free Gold card test?

    • Cadwallader

      The Libz have a “Are you a freedom-lover test?” It is very good and quite telling.

      • Pete George

        Everyone loves freedom – for themselves. The difference is how much freedom you will accept for others as well.

        • Cadwallader

          For every right there is a duty not to infringe on the rights of others.

    • Agent BallSack

      ALCP – free urine test

    • Pete George

      Thanks for suggestions, I’m collating a modified version: Free party test

  • ben

    I wonder if she supports the cause or is an SJS job

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  • Changeiscoming

    You worried they might be stealing your precious National supporters Cam?
    Good on them I say! If you had been thorough enough to do some research you would have found the actual test on their website.

    • James Gray

      Funny test…

      “Traditions and heritage are of real value. Change to alliances, laws and society should only be done after careful consideration and with the support of the people.”

      That’s two questions… If I decide traditions are of limited value, then I have to also decide that laws can be changed without careful consideration and with the support of the people?

      And what if the majority of the people want to dispense with the tradition? We’re pretty fucked there, then.

    • James Gray

      I only scored 9/16… apparently the don’t quite need my support

    • Hard1

      Hijack going on .Upvotes galore on Craigaholic posts . Haven’t you gentleman (assume all male? ) got your own blog ?

  • Apolonia

    Good on them, New Zealand needs new politicians who don’t have alzheimers.

  • Hard1

    Free Personality Test #2 .

    You are either ‘ Eye for an eye’

    or you are ‘ Turn the other cheek’

    That’s about it .

  • kevin

    Don’t Scientology offer a similar free personality test?