Young Labour gets nasty

Oh the joys of student politics.  Labour party hack, Rory McCourt is going negative and nasty as he struggles to get support for the VUWSA Presidency.

The tipline has obtained an email that Rory McCourt sent out to Young Labour members last week and it comes as he ramps up an increasingly angry and negative smear campaign.

In the email, McCourt pleads with Young Labour to support his agenda to “keep VUWSA red.” This is surprising as the union has been a continual screw-up under Labour leadership.  A more appropriate plea would be “get VUWSA in the black’.

Rory’s negative tactics just reeks of desperation – clearly he is getting tips from the mastermind of the nasty party, Trevor Mallard.

McCourt’s antics are dumb, sad and downright nasty. Just shows all the students at Victoria exactly why they need to get rid of this tosser, and put someone else in who can change this toxic culture.


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  • You’d think that someone wanting to be President of a Student association should be about Student Representation rather than playing partisan politics…

    • Auto_Immune

      …but it’s VUWSA, which sadly has a long history of partisanship on the executive.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Excuse my mirth, but it’s got to be an up-hill battle for young labour as they try and emulate their “ahem…leaders” and watch the examples of Labour MP’s so the young’en’s can learn how to think, behave and act as a Labour Party politician…
    …but Labour only have a Ghost Leader Mr. Invisible stuttering-gibberish and a caucus so fractured by in-fighting as to be barely civil when in public and all whilst becoming less and less relevant with NZ Inc daily – compounded by multiple corrupt MP’s all vying/dying to get back onto the front benches.
    Bereft of ideas, alternatives and anything credible – no wonder Labour wants to keep student union memberships compulsory – it’s their only way to get members.

  • Rob

    Let’s just clarify here, Rory McCourt is running for VUWSA, not Young Labour.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Couple of things spring to mind here….firstly……..I see NOTHING has changed at VUWSA in the 30 years since I was there. and second…….maybe it will, now that membership is VOLUNTARY……….Seems Mr McCourt wants to captain of a sinking ship!!! But we would expect no less stupidity from any labourite.