Face of the Day

Seasame Street started this day in 1969. Guess it’ll be around for at least 4 more years yet.


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  • Tony

    and longer than that…..indeed I understand that if only a fraction the CTW funds (obtained from toys, movies, overseas program purchases etc) was invested in PBS there would be next to no need for federal funding.

    It is an interesting experiment in human nature when Seasame St started it needed the support of PBS – and now that it doesn’t need support it isn’t funding PBS. What it does do is enhance PBS’s audience so that PBS can lobby for more federal funds. Maybe ABC (et al) should bid for it.

  • What has Miss Piggy got to do with Sesame Street? Should be Oscar the Grouch’s face up there!

  • Travis Poulson

    Miss Piggy was on The Muppet Show.