A Bad Judge

I don’t know what planet this Judge lives on. Sentencing a kid bashing scum bag to home detention is pathetic.

He subjected his newborn baby to months of torture, biting through her earlobe, twisting her toe until it snapped, fracturing her ribs and femur and gouging the soles of her feet with his fingernail. But he will not spend any time in prison.

Despite inflicting “significant and repetitive violence” on the baby girl, leaving her little body covered in marks and bruises, Jack Alexander Booker was sentenced to 12 months’ home detention.

The 22-year-old cried as he was sentenced in the North Shore District Court yesterday. He was facing up to five years’ jail on three charges of physically abusing his daughter, who was just a month old when it began.

But because he had no criminal history, pleaded guilty as early as possible and had taken steps to change his violent behaviour, he got a substantial discount, meaning he was eligible for home detention.

The Herald understands the Crown will not appeal the sentence and had expected either a lengthy home detention or a short stint in prison for Booker.

Judge Nevin Dawson described the abuse as “abhorrent” and began sentencing with jail time in mind.

Then Judge Nevin Dawson went all wobbly kneed and spineless. Obviously crying a river of fake tears moved the gutless judge.


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  • Magor

    I just give up…, this is insane.

  • whaleraper

    What is the story with our judges!!! Are they all left wing offender sympathizers?? This is crazy stuff. If a pedo gets jail time then these people should definitely get jail time too. Pedo’s in general do not want to physically harm kids, they are sexually attracted to them, which is bad enough. However these types actually want to physically fuck their own kids up by breaking bones and abusing their bodies, sick, sick sick. Crazy fkn judge!

  • Thakur Ranjit Singh

    So called civilised Kiwis call us Fijians uncivilised dictatorial people from coup coup land. Despite that,NZ beat Fiji by miles in the way they kill their babies, their children and abuse and mistreat them, like this scum bag. Such statistics are a shame on NZ’ status as a First World developed country. Shame on your PC judiciary which cannot protect defenceless and vulnerable children. Shame

    • Qscfder

      I am a kiwi and proud of it but it makes me ashamed to hear of this story and the many others like it. I have to agree with you here. We pretend to be developed yet we do not punish our criminals. It has to stop

  • Qscfder

    Yet another major flaw in this country. A justice system that only cares about offenders rights and how they feel and how remorseful they are. What about the poor victim?? Does anyone in the justice system care what permanent damage this poor little baby girl has?

  • Pissedoffyouth

    I was hoping to see the pig “cry” when he gets a big black meat-drill in jail.


  • starboard

    Judges in NZ are pathetic and way out of touch. ANY other country in the world would lock pond scum like this piece of shit up for at least 5 years. Bit of vigilante justice is whats needed here Im afraid.

  • Zephyr Cobalt

    judge Dawson is pathetic and hides behind his ivory tower of unaccountability. Could he not understand that the tears from Booker were not tears of remorse. They were tears of sadness that he had been caught and exposed for the bullying criminal he is.

    Why did the judge not put him on an anger management course? How come the judge can not understand that the 1 month old child was defenceless.

    It’s about time these idiot judges learnt more about justice and victims’ rights.

  • This guy is obviously seriously disturbed, this whole turn your life around won’t last because he needs serious mental health care – and we don’t have any useful mental health services in New Zealand anymore, they shut everything down and what is there is mostly run by mentally disturbed power tripping fwits. Also he has caused singificant long term psychological damage to that child, that may never be repaired. That baby will grow up and if she can’t cope the rehabilitation and support she is entitled to by law will be withheld – ACC will see to that. Also people like Whaleoil and others will blame this abused child for any dysfunctional behaviour or drug use to cope with serious abuse when she was a baby. Isn’t it a shame I can’t get people to understand this fact. Maybe what I know will come out when the hunger strike I am on becomes more public – Day 12 and counting. check out my blog at myspace /jrmurphypoetmusician or facebook.

    • Tristanb

      Firstly, and most importantly, MySpace? Are you serious, or just a troll? Or are you just using the cruelty this child has gone through to advertise your music?

      You’re right, this guy is seriously disturbed – but we cannot blame that on mental illness. I’m not an expert, but I obviously know more than you do. So I’ll explain.

      There are mental illnesses, and then there are personality disorders. A mental illness is something like depression, anxiety, bipolar, or schizophrenia. These are illnesses that affect the way someone thinks, and they can act it a way that they wouldn’t act normally. (A depressed person might stay inside all day, a person with anxiety disorder might not be able to go to the supermarket, and a schizophrenic might hear voices telling him what to do.) This happens as an illness – it’s a change from the norm. Something has happened, and that person has gone from being well to ill. The positive thing about these is there is some treatment, maybe not perfect, but we can help.

      The other side of the coin is the personality disorders. These people aren’t ill, they’ve just got a personality that has nasty traits. (The classic example is Clayton Weatherston with narcissistic personality disorder.) He doesn’t have a health condition, it’s just the way he is.

      You can’t fix personality disorders. They’re formed by a bit of genetics and a lot of environment while growing up, but once you’re an adult that’s the way you are. They are incredibly hard to treat.

      Many of our criminals have antisocial personality disorder. (Look it up.) We can’t fix them. They don’t have empathy, we’ll never be able to teach them empathy – that’s learnt as an infant and young child.

      So don’t blame this on problems with mental healthcare. This guy is not fixable. Read about these things if you don’t believe me (before you “starve” yourself to death on your fake hunger strike).

      However, you’ve got an excuse for not realising this. Judge Dawson does not – he should know this basic Psych 101. If this man reoffends while on home detention, then Judge Dawson should be held accountable.

      • Pokerface

        Comment of the day for me. Thanks, Tristanb.

      • wiltinpenis

        Well said and I’m qualified to say that, through my life’s so-far experience.

  • Cam, is there anywhere these judges e-mail addresses are available so that people can let them know exactly what they think of these so-called “punishments”?

    • trisha

      how much does a full page ad cost in a popular paper… where all the financial donor’s name’s are written underneath the message that reads…..If this was your grandchild would you really send him home because he cried and said sorry!

    • botti

      I’m guessing [email protected]

      Not 100% sure though.

  • Alec J

    I’m hardly a “lock ’em up and throw away the key” kind of guy, but this is absurd. On the same day, a footballer has been sentenced to 9 months’ home detention for assaulting a referee. It was a relatively serious assault, if i recall correctly, breaking the ref’s jaw. But still, a one-off action, possibly caused by a moment of madness. Prison is probably not the right result and the 9 months’ home detention may be about right.

    But on what planet is giving someone a mere 3 months’ additional home detention appropriate for this animal. He didn’t just injure is defenceless baby daughter (FFS), he TORTURED her, systematically and continually. This requires pre-meditation and a complete absence of conscience.

    The ref (I hope) will fully recover and, as an adult, will hopefully be able to deal with the physical injuries and suffer little mental harm. God knows what the future holds for the victim – what emotional scars she will carry from being tortured by her own father, and what costs this will cause society in the future.
    But he cried and was sorry, so that made it all OK!

  • Goldie

    Of course, if it was a Judge who was tortured and had grievous bodily harm inflicted on them, the scum would be put away for years. But, once again, the victim is a defenceless child, and the scum gets off with “home detention”.

    The fact is that judges in NZ do not take violence against children seriously.
    So what is the National Government going to do about it?

    • Mostly_Harmless

      Precisely nothing.

  • I was listening on the radio last night about how NZ has the worst child abuse rates in the OECD and what could we do to try and improve it.

    Well the first step would be to get rid of judges who make useless slap on the wrist sentences like this.

    Booker shouldn’t have been given 12 months home detention. he should have been sentenced to life + 20 years in the deepest darkest coldest hole they could find.

  • trisha

    what is the new zealand council of social services
    http://www.nzcoss.org.nz/index.php/who-we-are/ doing about all the bad shit that is going on, the violent and abusive stories in the news every day. where is all the help young stressed out fathers and mothers are supposed to get…. so they don’t turn into the devils spawn.
    what about the stories that don’t get in the public eye, the ones that go on forever.
    what about some fucking transparency of what the fuck the social services are doing with our millions of dollars…. certainly not much from where we sit….. but they have great conventions and overseas trips to learn how to…. what, we are not sure of.
    Paula Bennet how long must our babies suffer ?

  • Vlad

    If he had torn off part of the ear, and broken the ribs and thighbone of another adult in a fight, I would have expected a period in prison. If he had systemically and sadistically tortured an animal like this, I would not be surprised by a period in prison. That he did these frightful things over months to a newborn baby and only received home detention is grotesque and an indictment of our courts.

  • Sarrs

    I think I’m past the point of anger at these self-righteous, sanctimonious and apparently gullible judges. I’m just so sad for this wee girl, and all the others that are brought into this world only to find it full of violence and pain.

    These people don’t look after their own kids, the neighbours apparently never see or hear anything, the extended family don’t seem to notice. It took serious injury, a trip to the hospital and a stranger calling the police to put an end to it. How did so many people in our society become so apathetic and accepting of violence against children?

  • What is possibly the worst aspect of this is that the Crown has indicated that there will be no appeal against the sentence, despite the Court of Appeal having just last week overturned a sentence of home d against James Hall in the HB, and locking him up for two-and-a-half years.

    With that in mind, I have prepared an open letter to the Solicitor-General Michael Heron. With Cam’s indulgence, here ’tis:

    Dear Mr Heron

    I am writing to you to urge your office to review proceedings against Jack
    Alexander Booker in the North Shore District Court. Booker was yesterday
    sentenced to 12 months home detention, and according to this morning’s
    New Zealand Herald, the Crown does not intend to appeal the
    non-custodial sentence.

    Booker’s offending against his daughter began when she was just one month old.
    Judge Nevin Dawson described the offending as “abhorrent” and “cruel”.
    However he gave Booker credit for an early guilty plea, his remorse, and
    his seeking assistance to deal with his issues with anger and violence.

    This case has strong parallels with that of James Hall, sentenced to home
    detention by Justice Mary Peters in the Napier High Court. This sentence
    was subsequently set aside on appeal by the Crown to the Court of
    Appeal, and a sentence of imprisonment was imposed. The Court of Appeal
    determined that the sentence imposed by Justice Peters was manifestly

    I urge your office to strongly consider an appeal against the sentence
    imposed on Jack Booker by Judge Dawson. He has undoubtedly followed the
    provisions available to him under the Sentencing Act 2002, but even as a
    non-lawyer, I believe that this sentence too is manifestly inadequate,
    and that Judge Dawson has given far too much weight to the rights of
    Booker, and far too little weight to the rights of both the victim and
    her mother.

    Child abuse is never OK. Surely it is the responsibility of the Judiciary to
    reinforce that through sentences which are likely to have a deterrent
    effect. The sentence imposed on Jack Booker is in no way a deterrent to
    future child abusers.

    Please give this case your urgent and serious consideration

    Yours sincerely

    Simply copy and paste this letter into your e-mail browser, add your name, and send it to [email protected] – then tell your friends, your workmates and anyone else to do likewise. If sufficient pressure can be brought to bear and sufficient community outrage expressed, Crown Law may indeed review the case and appeal the brevity of the sentence; something that the Auckland Crown Solicitor does not seem willing to do.

    This is a serious case of child abuse which if it had not been detected when it was as the abuse got worse could have had fatal consequences. A non-custodial sentence is, as the lawyers say “manifestly inadequate” to reflect the outrage of the community.

    • trisha

      Thank You Inventory2…..our email is sitting in his inbox

  • Mostly_Harmless

    Judges like that are all too common. They slap victims in the face by giving out pathetic sentences, and think that makes them deeply compassionate people.

  • cows4me

    I bet if the mother had blown this piece of filth away she would get more then home detention. You really have to wonder if decisions like this are simply designed to break down social order. The reason, lapse laws and light sentences upset the peasants who with the best of intentions want true justice for this child. If it happens often enough the government gets to introduce tighter laws and restrictions on the general public then when the people get pissed off they say this is what you wanted. In the end we give up real freedoms and are left with an all powerful state.

  • Rodger T

    Judges are quite obviously under instruction to keep these scum out of jail, a purely economic decision by the govt.

    Once again a “client” of what passes for a legal system here in NZ learns that there are no consequences for their actions ,in fact he learns he is rewarded by getting 12 months to sit at home and play PS3 and smoke dope.

    I am assuming the child has been removed from the home.

    • Rodger T

      Of course , if the govt had the fucking testicles to reintroduce hard labour or even soft labour ,I suspect the crime rate would damn near disappear overnight.

  • Patrick

    About time The Truth had a “Hall of Shame” – these weak as piss handwringers need to be exposed. Yes I am talking about the judge. The other f*cker should be taken out & shot.

  • Blair Mulholland

    Subject the judiciary to the will of the electorate and this sort of thing would never happen.