A bit of help for Shearer

Bit of free advice for David Shearer from a media trainer:

[F]rom a media training perspective, his problem is when he is in front of the camera. He needs his body language and tone of voice to be in sync with what he is saying. At the moment it’s not. That makes him look weak and unappealing.

Even when fronting the media after demoting David Cunliffe, this was apparent. He said: “I want to get this behind us. I want to move onto the issues New Zealanders are most interested in.”

That was a great message and will look good in the newspaper. But in front of the camera, he showed no conviction, no passion and no energy. He looked as if he couldn’t care less


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  • Doug

    Cam will Labour allow National Party members to join Labour? A vote in Shearer in February would be the best outcome for National. Just can’t see Mumbles the Clown match John Key at the pre Election television interviews.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Doug – Don’t you worry about that. My spies inside Labour party has this information. Sheep will be cutting a deal with Curryleaf. As per this deal, Curryleaf and his cronies will not vote against Sheep in Feb 2013. Sheep will be the undisputed leader, leading the Labourers into the 2014 election. Once the toxic combo wins the election under the stupid MMP system, Sheep will be the PM for one year and then get a role as a sidekick to aunty in UN. He will then help Curryleaf to be the PM. I understand uncle Rajen Prasad is cooking this deal as I type this.

    • Rodney

      That’d have to be one of the dumbest questions ever asked on this blog. I hope Cam puts it up in lights tomorrow as Comment of the Day.

  • Pete George

    Same problem Goff had (but worse), body language out of synch with verbals. No confidence in himself and what he’s trying to say.That’s becasue he’s not speaking for himself, he’s being fed lines (by numbskulls).

    You can’t coach sincerity.

    • Travis Poulson

      I remember hearing an interview before the election with Goff, normally he isn’t too bad but during this interview it seemed every damned answer started with “oh, look….”. It’s silly little things like that which voters notice. Interviews need to be nailed, especially during election time. It’s a shame Shearer won’t be around during the next election campaign, I’d love to see him get taken to pieces in the debates with the PM.