A good idea

Once, every now and then, David Farrar comes up with a good idea. Today he has solved the teacher payroll problem.

The performance of the new payroll system does appear to have been not satisfactory. Having said that, have to be careful to make every single error a major story. I imagine the old payroll system would always have a dozen or so errors in it, out of 60,000 or so teachers paid. What I’d be keen to see reported is how many errors have occurred each pay period since it was implemented.

I do feel very sorry for those teachers and schools that have to cope with not being paid. Worse of all for them, there is nothing they can do about it.

That is why I have a solution. Bulk Funding. If we delegated salaries to every school, then each school would choose its own payroll provider (or do it themselves) and they could simply not use a company like Novopay, if there performance is not satisfactory.


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  • Pokerface

    Brilliant!!!! Wish I’d thought of that.
    …..and all that from a “pinko blogger”.

  • blazer

    amazing how many times multi million dollar cock ups occur. re computer solutions’..the Police had a doozy and NZ Racing did about $14mil on a dud.

  • I’d be curious to learn the source of most of these errors…How many of these errors are caused by incompetent school administrators/teachers inputting incorrect data from the schools themselves?