Ain’t that the truth

The Dom Post editorial says a lot about the state of the Labour party:

Labour’s real problem is that it has failed to present itself as a credible government-in-waiting. That is partly due to the insistence among many grassroots members that it swing even further to the Left, instead of chasing the Centre voters who decide elections. As a result, Mr Shearer has been slow to jettison losing policies, such as last year’s promise to extend Working for Families tax credits to beneficiaries.

As long as policies like that remain on the table, Labour will continue to alienate too many voters. Infighting and disunity does nothing to help its cause.

John Key said the other day that labour can’t even run a credible conference, so why should New Zealanders consider them for running the country.

He’s right, and leadership spills and internal fighting do nothing to lull the voters into choosing Labour.


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  • My money’s on Shearer to take a scythe to the front benches. Once he has drawn a line in the sand he’ll do come hither eyes to middle New Zealand and sell his socialist agenda like Borat’s sister plying her trade

  • Frank Thomas

    Very succently put. The left wingers still cannot understand why mainstream NZ is not in step with their way of thinking. They think John Key is evil and that the Labour Party should be the natural party of governance for New Zealand and it annoys the crap out of them that the majority of voters don’t agree. Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves. Bring on the popcorn I say……..

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I agree friends. But the problem is MMP. Even with all the fighting that goes on in Labour, they are assured of 30% and the toxic greens are assured of minimum 10%. Then add the Winston First party at 5-7% and No Mana one seat for sure. This will be enough to bring this acidic combo into power in 2014. Curryleaf knows this very well and hence this do or die battle to wrest the leadership of Labour so that he can become PM in 2014. I hope the losers who still support this crap alliance wake up and smell the coffee. Emperor is not helping with his laid back attitude.

    • amerikiwi77

      Every time I think of the Green Taliban having any kind of power in 2014 I get nauseous…..

  • conwaycaptain

    Labour today is no longer the Party for the wroking man or woman as it was when it was started in the UK. Then it was workers that stood for Parliament and in the UK the MPs were not paid as they all were either wealthy or had high paying jobs like lawyers etc. They then bought in a salary for the new Labour MPs and it was not huge but enough to live on.
    NOW the Labour Party in NZ and UK and Aus has been hijacked by Academics, Chardonnay Socialists and Union Leaders who have very little or no experience of working on the shop floor.
    We now have a movement totally out of step with the majority of the population and it can only get votes by bribing people with WFF etc.

    • stinkeye

      Kind of like how the all blacks used to be farmers etc as their main job?

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    “Labour’s real problem is that it has failed to present itself as a credible government-in-waiting.”

    FFS! It’s not even a credible opposition-in-waiting.