Amy Adams and David Carter cop one in the chook

The decision to remove democracy in Canterbury was sensible based on how useless the council were. The decision not to return to a democratically elected council was terrible, especially when the head commissioner was advocating for some form of democracy.

Now the womble filled Human Rights Commission is saying Amy Adams and David Carter had a total shocker.

Axing Environment Canterbury elections until at least 2016 is a breach of the Government’s commitment to democracy, New Zealand’s Human Rights Commission says.

Chief human rights commissioner David Rutherford yesterday hit out at the Government for introducing the Environment Canterbury (Temporary Commissioners and Improved Water Management) Bill, during a Local Government and Environment Select Committee meeting.

The bill will allow Government-appointed commissioners to run the regional body until at least the 2016 elections.

“Our view continues to be that the undemocratic way in which the original legislation was introduced, and its continuance, is simply wrong from a human rights perspective.”

In September, Local Government Minister David Carter and Environment Minister Amy Adams said ECan elections would not be held until 2016 at the earliest, despite an earlier Government promise to hold regional council elections next year.

This decision was a simple play to ensure David and Amy’s farmer mates got free water and a free right to pollute. These are simply subsidies or corporate welfare, and socialism. David Carter won’t be around for much longer but it will leave an indelible black mark on Amy Adams’ much longer career.


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  • Jimmie

    I couldn’t give a toss – what is worse a bunch of government appointed bureaucrats or a bunch of local hippy cum greenie tin gods who think the words progress and development are an anathema to be blocked at every turn.

    • Liberty

      An election is always going to be won by “local hippy cum greenie tin gods” Who would limit the famers to a house
      cow. If there luddite agenda was allowed
      to be Let free on heartland nz.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    I have intercepted a communication from the party leader to the Canterbury Soviet.

    “Comrades after advice from the Plenary Committee of the Party I have decided to re-appoint the Three Gorges Commissars.

    Those who raise objections such as lack of democracy or deteriorating water quality are splitists and counter-revolutionaries and must be ignored.

    I want to mention a special apparatchik, Commissar Caygill. His diligent advancement of party objectives equal his other great revolutionary triumph, increasing GST. Truly a man of the people.”

  • Karlos

    Does this mean they will now soften their stance on Fiji? Seems to be a number of parallels here.