Argies mobilise…to oust their president

So much for baiting over the Falklands. Kooky Kirchner is heading for a big fall over her failures to  improve the economy. I guess modern Argentina knows that they need to actually fix their country instead of playing an ultranationalist card that won’t create jobs except for the British arms industry.

Tens of thousands of Argentinians blocked the streets of Buenos Aires in the country’s largest anti-government protests in more than a decade.

Demonstrators marched against rising inflation, crime and corruption under President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, whose popularity has plummeted since she was re-elected last year as the economy wobbles.

There have been claims that Ms Kirchner will try to alter the country’s constitution to allow her to run for a third term. There were rallies across Argentina in neighbouring Uruguay and at embassies around the world, including the Brook Street mission in London.

In Buenos Aires, crowds filled the Plaza de Mayo in front of the presidential palace and chanted: “We’re not afraid.”

According to official figures, inflation in Argentina is at 12 per cent, but economists say it is much higher. The president defended her policies, saying they helped rescue the country from economic crisis a decade ago.


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  • Contractor

    Sorry Whale, if the same situation arose as in 1982 the Brits wouldn’t (and couldn’t) go to war over it in this day and age. After 10 years at war they are worn out and the defense cuts have decimated them. And the uk public wouldn’t accept even the ’82 result if they were offered it up beforehand (250 odd killed in 6 weeks) which would be an optimistic result. Everyone over there is counting down the days till they are out of afghan and are over other peoples wars. And rightly or wrongly the majority of those I associate with consider the Falklands other people’s problem,certainly not worth British lives for.

  • cows4me

    You have to love it, according to the radical feminists women should rule the world as they would be understanding , compassionate , wise and all of that sort of shit. Nope, they are no better then the corrupt , useless , men they despise so much.

    • Mediaan

      Kirchner took over the job after her husband was out of it, I think. That’s a special bunch, the wives who succeed to Presidencies. I suspect they are put there to carry on as husband would have.

  • Sooty

    Maggie would nave dealt to this jumped up argie with one decent swing of her handbag!!!

  • Apolonia

    The Argies wouldn’t stand a chance in the Falklands if they tried again. Britain has troops based there instead of relying on the penguins to do the job again.