Australians don’t like Catholics buggering boys and covering it up

The Aussies are backing Julia Gillard on her royal commission looking into boy buggering Catholics.

ALMOST every Australian voter backs Julia Gillard’s decision to establish a royal commission into the sexual abuse of children but this overwhelming support has not translated into an immediate boost for the government.

The latest Herald/Nielsen poll shows a record 95 per cent of voters support the royal commission, while only 3 per cent are opposed. The Nielsen poll director, John Stirton, said he could not recall a poll issue receiving such universal support.


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  • Lion_ess

    Praise the lord!

  • jumpnmcar

    Whale, go to , for a erm.. balance and in depth perspective.
    ( note; leftys Beware!! You will be treated with respect you deserve )

    • Mitch82

      “The greatest frustration is that there is so much power and organisation behind the scenes that police don’t have the powers to be able to go in and seize documents and have them disclose things to us.”

      That’s the whole point of this. It’s not about ferreting out a few pedophiles in the pack – it’s going after the fucking scumbags who helped in any way to make sure the pedophiles didn’t have to face justice and bring the Church into repute.

      If they didn’t persist in hiding behind the Seal of Confession, and crying out ‘Religious Freedom’ when the Police came knocking for documents and evidence, there wouldn’t be this much attention to it. So far in this whole saga, they’ve acted like the New York Mafia using Omerta to get away with their shit.

      That’s why people are furious – doesn’t matter if it’s the Catholics, Mormons, Boy Scouts or the All Blacks.

      • Mr_V4

        I don’t know, the whole royal commission is acynical attempt by Gillard to have a go at the Catholic church in particular.

        Sure I don’t agree with the churchs sins, its coverups and denials over the years, but the correct place for prosecution of wrong doers is via police investigation, not an essentially politically appointed royal commission.

        Legal minds are suggesting there is talk this commission will take 10 years to report back and even then findings may not be able to be useful to any court cases. Hardly justice.

        If you know about Australian issues you will know that child rape, abuse etc is rampant in Aboriginal communities, however discussion of this is outside the terms of reference of the commission, which in itself indicates they’re not really interested in protecting innocent children at all, especially if your skin is of the non-white variety.