Bad Bastard gets his Beans

Good to see bad bastards who do this sort of thing to defraud other business people get their beans. The pity is he only got home detention.

A fallen property hotshot wants to move on after escaping a prison sentence for faking documents to try to save his friend from bankruptcy.

Ralph Anthony Vuletic, 31, was sentenced to nine months’ home detention when he appeared in the High Court at Auckland yesterday.

He was facing Serious Fraud Office (SFO) charges after faking a debt to help friend and co-accused Marcus Friedlander avoid bankruptcy and dodge $10 million worth of bills from creditors nine years ago.

Vuletic had earlier pleaded guilty to using a document to defraud, attempting to pervert the course of justice and forging a document.

Friedlander is awaiting sentence after pleading guilty to counts of making forged documents, three of using a document for a pecuniary advantage and two of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

If you know of other people who have falsified sale and purchase agreements, debts, creditors statements and the like then please let me know on the tipline and I will investigate. There is a lot of dodgy activities out there perpetrated by people seeking to avoid bankruptcy or scrutiny of their nefarious and underhanded dealings. Often they work in conjunction with equally dodgy liquidators. They need the disinfectant of sunlight.

They should be outed, prosecuted and put in jail.


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  • Petal

    Crime against property is dealt with very lightly.

    Well, yes and no. Don’t you dare take a paper from a newspaper stand without paying, as you will find the full force of the law come down.

    But swindling millions of dollars out of people is still one of the easiest crimes to commit with very little (relative) punishment. If you’re clever enough to hide a few dozen mil you can have a decent retirement on 9 months of home detention.

    To the right person, this would appear to be a worthwhile investment for a reasonable return.

  • Rodger T

    I suspect the only way to end up in jail these days ,is to tell the “judge” to fuck off or flip him the bird,cos` committing a crime `aint gonna get you sent there.

    • Teletubby

      Nope, bash your kid and get home detention but commit a serious crime like “disrespecting” the judge and you will be in the clink

      • Mike

        Don’t forget kill your kid by driving while drugged up and still only get home detention.

  • Poli

    Well the property speculator David Parker certainly got away with it scot free.

  • cows4me

    Shit like this is why the fucktards on the left claim capitalism doesn’t work. Property rights should be number one for our fearless leaders to protect. The left claims capitalism doesn’t work , pigs arse. What chance capitalism when it’s so easy to beat the system.

  • Bruno 32

    I had a lot of time for you whale over the last few difficult years. but since you took the porno mag on you have turned to dogshit.; I suspect that you have employed dogshit. please explain ?

    • What are you on about?

      • Bunswalla

        Who knows? Marcus Friedlander is a lying fraudulent con-man, and his old man’s a complete cunt. Just saying.

      • Bruno 32

        You tell me.  Your anti dairy farming  posts are pretty cutting  . You get bombarded with facts ,but don’t rebutt.  Educate your moron ór  do it your self .

        • Says the man with 750 cows…how’s that for educated…you come here and abuse me I make it my business to know who is abusing me.

          Yes they may be cutting but it takes all types to make the world go round, it is not incumbent on me to rebuttal something, it is on you, without the abuse to do it, with facts….that is how blogs work in Auckland and elsewhere. It maybe not how you like things in Geraldine but too bad.

      • Mediaan

        My guess would be gang power was operating, and the Judge knew not to thwart it.

        These guys are operating like gutter rats.

        This pattern of a fat stupid prat like Vuletic with strong loyalties and luxury car etc is quite a telling one.

        Well done to the Police for getting this horrible little toad into court. Good one, Police!! They are operating under difficulties too. The gangs appear to have access to their calls from the public in real time.

        However, Justice Gilbert dropped the ball. Either he didn’t know anything or he was intimidated. Home detention, FGS.

        The sudden arrival of Bruno is probably related to a name search on Vuletic or Friedlander. Not regular readers of either WO or Truth.

        He, in other words, sounds like a co-thug.

  • Mediaan

    Well done to WO for picking up on this matter.
    Well done to the NZ Herald for covering it.

    I’m off to Stuff to see if Fairfax did.

    • Mediaan

      Yes, Fairfax covered it very well. They also had the additional information that it was a Serious Fraud Office prosecution.

      Well done to the SFO under Simon McArley!

      Here is Fairfax extract from 2010:

      “… Acting SFO chief executive Simon McArley said the pair “executed an elaborate scheme to avoid Friedlander’s bankruptcy and short-change his creditors. The SFO believes that bringing this behaviour to account goes some way to restoring confidence in the New Zealand legal system, and particularly the fairness of the insolvency regime.”

      Vuletic burst onto the Auckland property scene in 2002 associating with well-known, and now fallen, property developers David Henderson, Andrew Krukziener and Nigel McKenna…”