BBQ Season

We already know the outcome of David Shearer’s fake leadership vote.

As he told us last week, there is no challenger, and by the sound of it there won’t be one at his panicked leadership meeting.  This is all lose/lose for Shearer.

For him to look like he has any credibility at all he will have to demote Cunliffe, and I look forward to him revealing why.

Because Cunliffe’s been quite careful in what he has said publicly.

Brian Edwards is now pointing out the obvious – why should Cunliffe be forced to speculate on how he might vote in a secret ballot in three months?

It’s now inevitable that Shearer will demote Cunliffe as utu.  When the senior whip is out there calling a frontbencher ‘dishonest’ that MP’s days on the front bench are numbered.

But this may actually help Cunliffe who, by some counts, is only a couple of votes away from the magical number of 14.

Cunliffe will be able to play the martyr card all summer long and it will have been handed to him by Shearer and his (ill)advisors.


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  • stanman

    Lets hope when silent T is demoted he drags Mahuta and that glossed up Moroney with him..they’re his cheer leaders..ahhhh Moroney gives me the runs

    • Whafe

      95% of the Liabour party give me the runs

  • Whafe

    It seems the media have this signed and sealed that Cunny Cunny is toast, I wouldn’t be so certain about that… Cunny Cunny is more cunning than a sewer rat, he will have something up his sleeve for sure….
    Amazing how all of a sudden Shearer is a great leader and he is this and he is that… Make no mistake, he is still a soft cock, whom couldn’t lead a piss up in a brewery…

    • Shoreboy57

      Cunners is, to quote Blackadder “as cunning as a fox who’s just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University”

      • phronesis

        True, but then

        Captain Blackadder: I then leapt on the opportunity to test you. I asked if he’d been to one of the great universities, Oxford, Cambridge, or Hull.

        Nurse Mary: Well?

        Captain Blackadder: You failed to spot that only two of those are great Universities.

        Nurse Mary: Swine!

        General Melchett: That’s right! Oxford’s a complete dump!

  • The gourmet butcher in Herne Bay will be rubbing his hands together. All those BBQ’s at David C’s place; all that eye fillet steak…

  • blazer

    so obsessed with Labour….quite sad.

    • Travis Poulson

      A dumb thing to say….much along the lines of one of us going over to The Stranded and saying “so obsessed with National…..quite sad.”

      • Agent BallSack

        ….much along the lines of one of us going over to The Stranded and saying “so obsessed with cock” – there I fixed that for you Travdog

        • Travis Poulson

          Oops, thanks for that.

    • What’s been the lead story on the news today Blazer? What are talkback hosts talking about? Sorry bud, but your dysfunctional Labour family is news today; I must stock up on beer and popcorn before 4pm!

      • blazer

        much ado about…..nothing.

    • stinkeye

      Just like you’re obsessed with coming on this blog and saying some pretty retarded things?

  • Zephyr Cobalt

    But wait there’s more …. with every bar b que sold today you get one set of back stabbing steak knives, a cheesy grin for your cheeseboard, and a red apron that says “I Love David … yeah but which one”.

    • Travis Poulson


      • Agent BallSack

        Easy way to tell Trav – The aprons on Cunners team the strings tie up at the back.

  • Phar Lap

    Shearers claim to fame in his speech to save NZs inheritance tax on the nation.Anyone who hails a limp whimp like Shearer and his stupid utterances,must surely be latent masochists.Cun*liffe is well named at least he is a bovver boy in the mold of Mallard,speaking of Mallard wonder where he is in the big yawn death struggle between the ghost of Bill Rowling,alias Shearer,and the ghost of Rob Muldoon alias Cun*liffe.

  • stinkeye

    By the way Cunliffe talks during speeches I would expect 80% off multi-Kai cookers as well

  • Agent BallSack

    The amusing thing is, no one wants either of them as leader of liarbore. Most kiwis are looking on thinking neither of them have what it takes for me to vote for them. IMO Shearer is just creating 3 more months of divisiveness, something I am quite happy with. When people on Lynns hate blog are calling for you to be removed as leader you know your time is up.

    • Whafe

      Best way to sum up the Liabour party is like a 2 year olds day care, no one knows what any one is doing, still smearing shit from their nappies etc etc…
      Sad, because this country needs a strong opposition, Liabour are weak as piss opposition, so then we get to where we are where these dam Watermelons take the lime light as opposition… What a fucked up joke politics is in this country…
      They havn’t clicked yet that because John key is a normal dude, whom comes across very very well to most NZ’ers, the Pinko’s are doomed, however, the joke that is MMP will allow them to win in 2014…

  • DavidW

    You are all missing the obvious. This afternoon, in a masterstroke of strategic genius, Shearer will appoint Cunners as his deputy. In one fell swoop he will:
    remove the rainbow/feminist/union cabal from decision making at the highest level,
    have Cunners pissing from inside of the tent looking out rather than from outside of the tent looking in,
    create one tent for the campsite where now there are 2,
    create the opportunity ti fill the important posts in the party with Waitakere Men who have arms made strong from hefting jugs of DB rather than arms rendered weak by posing with small glasses of chardonnay,
    push back on the pseudo-intellectual academic socialists who have run rampant since H1 and Margaret Wilson were let loose on the party with their warped and most peculiar view of the world as they thought it should be,
    return power to a couple of heterosexual males who aren’t afraid to get dirt on their boots and who don’t piss around in getting things done.
    Roll on the glorious days of the return of Traditional Labour (copyright applied for), those halcyon days where strikes crippled the country ….. (oooops wrong script) ….. those halcyon days where the people had the power and everyone know what they stood for instead of having to read the runes and analyse everything to death in oder to discover the real agenda being planned for their lives.
    Woooop de dooo

    • Agent BallSack

      Master stroke? So Shane Jones will be there.

      • DavidW

        beautiful comeback agent BS. All I could say is that Shane, to all intents and purposes at least appears to fit most aspects of the description of Waitakere Man even though his TV appearance did make him out to be work-averse and reluctant to leave his bed to serve any useful purpose. Perhaps videos were showing that morning!

    • Lion_ess

      I think you’re right DavidW, he should have appointed Cunliffe deputy. Just watching the pyrrhic (pointless) victory on TV, my view is that Labour would have been stronger in keeping Cunners as a portfolio spokesman – they do not have many eloquent speakers.

  • GregM

    This afternoon could be very interesting. What say silent T has the numbers?

    • Travis Poulson

      Hard to say Greg, the media seem to have written him off as though he’s lost already. Personally I think Shearer will come out on top, this time around at least. Why Cunliffe would even want is beyond me, like the Costa Concordia: nobody wants to captain a sinking ship.

    • Phar Lap

      Quite right,the ballot for and against to see who is the biggest wanker to lead the Lie-bour Party will be in secret.

  • jaundiced

    I must be missing something. All this talk of Cunliff being ‘punished’ or ‘banished’ etc. What did he actually do? We all know shearer has been appalling since forever, and that others like Cunliff want to roll him. That’s been know for ages and why wouldn’t they? And now, for whatever reason, the rank and file have now gone all soft on Shearer because he made a speech where he didn’t stutter as much (probably because he’s been rehearsing for weeks). So now Cunliff must be punished. Oh boy. And did I miss something else – why is is it being said (not on this blog, but being repeated by the media) that Shearer’s speech was ‘brilliant’. It wasn’t. It was alful..

    • Travis Poulson

      Then there’s this:

      • Lion_ess

        Oh dear – perhaps he meant the toughest job in politics, and got his words muddled

  • Neil

    Very clever of the right in our MSM to set Cunliffe up like this – one of the possible dangers to them over the next couple of years – get rid of him by keeping pushing that he’s challenging for the leadership – inspite of constant and repeated denial somehow saying I’m not going to discuss this has become he’s going to challenge.

  • Gazzaw

    The MSM may just be hoist by their own petard. Cunliffe is far too clever and even if he is demoted today the real test will be in February. Let’s see what happens between now & then. Watch the MSM do a complete reversal (including that know-it-all cock Soper) and Cunliffe become the boy wonder.

  • parorchestia

    In a few month’s time on the Dorkshire Moors, we see a couple running aimlessly in circles; she crying “Cunliffe, Cunliffe” and he “Caucus, Caucus”. Meanwhile, David, the gentle flock Shearer, is back to being an UN-person.