Buying Bullshit

I copped a lot of flak over the course of the US Elections for running a contrarian narrative regarding the race…bottom line though is I was looking at facts and figures dispassionately and not through a lens coloured by partisanship.

Sure it is easier to do when it is another country, so some clarity can cut through the crap. I have learned a valuable lesson that I will now try to implement when looking at New Zealand politics.

Cut through the crap and inform readers of facts not spin.

Forget a nickel; I’d a sixpence for every piece of conservative crapola spin I heard in the last two months. In retrospect, it’s very revealing about they try to game the system to get places like Politico and other mainstream outfits to assume they’re correct and accept their assumptions.

There was no way on Earth, for example, that young people were going to turn out this time. They were a higher percentage this time than last. Higher! Gallup, for one, bought into this in a huge way.

There was also no way Obama voters were as enthusiastic as Romney voters. Just no way. The enthusiasm gap. Everyone bought it. Again, the opposite was true.

Americans were going to be outraged by Benghazi. Chicago made up jobs numbers. Florida was a done deal. Romney had momentum until Sandy. And on and on.

Conservatives say these things with such conviction. I think they believe them to be true. And there’s a reason for that. Not so long ago, when conservatives said these things en bloc, they would come true. They’d happen. Back in Clinton’s day, say. Or Bush’s, before the debacles really hit home.

But then at some point, the majority of Americans stopped buying conservative bullshit. It must have been after Iraq. And Katrina. But now, conservatives can’t make surrealities come true just by saying so.


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  • Gazzaw

    I gave up posting on the US elections Cam – too many here were convinced by the bullshit as well to debate the issues with any logic.

  • CoNZervative

    You guys had a 50-50 chance of getting it right; gimme a break with the wisdom prophesies. Several experienced professional pollsters of 40 years standing called it for Romney. They were wrong (as was I) but that don’t make it BS Gazzaw. Cam, you called it mid-Sept., you also said Roger Bridge was resigning. Powerline puts it well..”What lessons can we draw? To begin with, conventional political wisdom was upended in a number of ways. When a president runs for re-election, the campaign is a referendum on his performance; undecided voters break against the incumbent; it’s the economy, stupid. These and other familiar maxims can be consigned to the dustbin.” 2012 has changed everything. Analytical theory has to be completely revamped.

    • CoNZervative

      I think its simplistic to call Consv. analysis of 2012- on a broad range of things – BS. It just ain’t that simple. The goal posts have moved, and the game rules are changing.

      • Mitch82

        It’s still cool to jump on anyone who didn’t tow the right-wing party line and label them a socialist though, right?

        • CoNZervative

          Heck yeah, that’s how I get my exercise.

  • mabel.gruntfuttock

    And it was much closer than the Collegiate votes suggested.

  • George

    Talk about buying BS! The population voting for the incumbent have brought a ranch full of it. The Republicans swung and missed, but they swung. Pundits are just spectators.

  • Voter turnout of 57% – regardless of the speculation around the polls it was always going to be 50/50. Your nemesis just struck out and well, like most arrogant tossers dont have the grace to concede defeat