US voters got to cast ballots on more than just politicians in this week’s Presidential Elections.

Flying below the NZ media’s radar in the election were a couple of  Propositions put to citizens of California, on subjects of more than passing interest to readers of this blog.

The mix of ingredients included :

  •  A Teachers’ Union up to its armpits in political influence buying
  •  Attempts to stop Union leaders siphoning their members’ money into left-wing politics
  •  A budget-blowing politician named Brown (who also has a $69 billion dollar train scheme)

Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown, a very big spending namesake of Auckland’s own Spendin’ Len Brown, has dug California into a deep financial hole with “miscalculated” budget numbers and schemes like his $69 billion fast rail plan.


Rather than save his way out, he proposed an increase in taxes of over $6 billion dollars, through an increase in sales tax that would hit everybody, plus that perennial favourite, a special income tax on the rich.

Jerry sponsored Proposition 30.

It passed, and guess who donated most of the $40 million spent in a campaign to get it over the line – that’s right, the California Teachers’ Union and their mates in other public sector unions.

But the Teachers’ Union spent really big dollars to defeat Proposition 32.

The Paycheck Protection Initiative would have banned unions from using members’ subs to donate to political parties and politicians and stopped the compulsory employer deductions of union subs from a worker’s pay packet.

Thanks in part to the $22 million that the Teachers’ Union donated to a $68 million campaign, Proposition 32 was defeated. 

Politics and unions continue on their happy way in sunny California.


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  • Anonymouse Coward

    Often these propositions are added to elections by party political machines to cause indignation amongst their base motivating them to vote on a proposition and at the same time vote for the parties lineup of candidates.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    They also voted to legalize cannabis for recreational use in Washington and Colorado, but its very ironic because now dealers will have a much harder time because of the federal government cracking down.

    There is a train of thought that Obama, now that he has nothing to lose, might change federal law around it and make it state dependent similar to how there are dry counties in the south.

  • Vlad

    You have to wonder why the Left in NZ has such a hate on for the USA. I don’t think they understand that it is a republic of united states, and some of them are left wing heaven.

    • Patrick

      Not just NZ I was on the bus last night (Perth) & a guy told me he was so happy Obama won because the other guy was a Capitalist Mormon Zealot. Now Mormon & Zealot may be things to be opposed to but since when was being a Capitalist such a bad thing? The paradox – USA has to be the greatest capitalist institution we have ever known, those of us that have lived & worked there can attest to how remarkable the place is (or was) when it comes to making money & being successful. I know I am butchering the saying but – Capitalism may not be the answer but it sure beats the alternatives.

  • Mario

    Ah yes, Jerry Brown. Fiscal conservative turned budget blower. Anti capital punishment but, as attorney general, fought for resumption of executions. Makes me want to dig out the Dead Kennedys and listen to California Über Alles.

  • cows4me

    The US is toast. California deserves to slide into the Pacific, they just don’t get it. Typical socialist, progressive mindset, tax tax and if it moves tax it. How many business will up and leave? I guess they’ll still have the liberal nitwits in Hollywood and the government paid union members. I give them six months then anarchy.

    • Ford

      tax,tax and more tax..sounds like NZ

    • Gayguuy

      You sound as silly as those people on fox news.

      • cows4me

        You should move there Gaguuy, you would probably fit right in.

        • Gayguuy

          No, I like NZ, even if the Government does kinda sux.

  • My sons are at a Californian School. I can’t be arsed posting on this (five kids and I’m currently ADHD”d out) ; hence the cut and post: From our principal:

    Thank you, for all that you have done in supporting educational ballot measures in last night’s election. As of today, we know that statewide proposition 30 has passed and we have avoided major cuts in education. We are grateful for everyone who supported this proposition.

    As for Measure D, our local facilities bond measure, it is VERY close. Currently, we are ahead by 94 votes. There are still some ballots left to be counted (provisional and walk-in). We are very hopeful that these ballots will be YES votes as well, but we will have to wait – possibly until the election is certified by the County. We are “cautiously optimistic”.

    One thing that we are certain of …… we are very grateful to XXX kissarse (Middle School Ed Fund – President) who was the district co-chair for Measure D. We could not be prouder of one of our own. Great job XXX! There are over 30,000 students and their families who owe you and co-chair YZYZYZ Lickarse a debt of gratitude for all of your hard work. A BIG thank you to all of our parents who walked or talked in support of Measure D and made a difference…you are wonderful role models for our children!

    I will continue to provide our families with up-to-date information on the status of Measure D as it becomes available.
    The unions have brainwashed the gullible parents. The parents lack the critical thinking of: “Sometimes I agree with the unions but that doesn’t mean the unions always have the best interests of the parents at heart.