Celebrating What Trevor?


Trevor Mallard barely lasted two hours before posting this to his Facebook.

“The parties will make no further comment on the proceeding”.

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  • LesleyNZ

    How thick and stupid and irresponsible. Promoting alcohol like that – not a good look for an MP. What was he celebrating? Judith Collins has quietly crushed him and Andrew Little. Too much macho man pride to say sorry though.

    • Neil

      Still don’t get why Crusher folded – she had them on the ropes (we thought) and she lets them off ? WTF ?

  • cows4me

    What a waste of space Trev is. I wonder if he ever stares in the mirror and says to himself “I did good today”? I thought politicians entered political life to speak for their constituents and make their lives better , no need for the mythbusters to test that myth , busted , big time.