Charities Registration Board taking Greenpeace to Supreme Court?

Rumours are circulating and gaining traction in Wellington that the?Charities Registration Board?are planning on sticking to their guns about Greenpeace being a? bunch of political activists and intend on taking the Court of Appeal?s decision to the Supreme Court. It needs that final arbiter.

Clearly the Board is not happy about having to decide whether Greenpeace?s political activities are ancillary to its charitable purposes. Not only that, it looks like the Board are not happy about having to consider whether under the changed rules, Greenpeace was involved in illegal activities or is likely to be involved in them in the future.

There?s more at play than meets the eye to most punters.

Greenpeace is furiously changing its website and its ?objects? to focus on ?nuclear disarmament and the elimination of all weapons of mass destruction? so that it can claim the golden goose of charitable status.

Their wordsmithing is nothing short of an attempt to rort the NZ taxpayer. Does anyone really, seriously believe that Greenpeace activists will suddenly not undertake illegal activities?

There will be many watching closely how this plays out, including so-called charities currently enjoying charitable status when really their activities are political in nature.

The Charities Board will also be aware New Zealand?s international reputation is also at risk by allowing a blatantly political activist group to be granted charitable status.

Makes you wonder whether?Jo Goodhew?s recently appointed board?is up to the task…