Cleaning Up Mt. Everest’s “Death Zone”

DEATH ZONE is a Nepali feature documentary.  A story told by 20 Sherpa climbers who take on the impossible mission of restoring Mount Everest – the world’s highest garbage dump, including bodies of perished climbers left behind…  (trailer)


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  • thor42

    I remember seeing a documentary on Youtube about the discovery of Mallory’s body. Quite interesting.

    I agree with Hillary when he said that in order to have “successfully” climbed a peak, you have to make it down again alive, so that would (of course) exclude Mallory from being “first atop Everest” even if he had made it (which we don’t know).

  • frank black

    I’m confused as to the point of cleaning the mountain. Is it to remove a potential pollution source for a water source? Surely there are easier ways to purify the water?

    Is it for aesthetic reasons?