Court points out the truth about homeopathy

A tree hugging mother who believes in homeopathy got schooled in court.

But Justice Bennett accepted the evidence of a doctor at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, who said there was insufficient evidence of the effectiveness of homeopathic immunisation to justify its replacement of traditional immunisation.

The links to ADHD and autism had been disproved by studies in Scandinavia, France and the United States, the doctor said.

Justice Bennett said the risks associated with traditional immunisation did not outweigh the risks of infection.

”It appears to me that the efficacy of homeopathic vaccines in preventing infectious diseases has not been adequately scientifically demonstrated,” she said.

Homeopathy is quackery, nothing more and nothing less…perhaps even fraud.


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  • Red

    Well done that Judge ! She should be charged with child abuse trying to arrange some fraudster to inject the kid with water. This why we still have these terrible diseases.