Dumb Ways to Die

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  • conwaycaptain

    They left out an overloaded tinnie on the Hauraki Gulf and no Life Jackets

    • Neil

      Yep – my first thought as well. I wonder when someone is actually going to do somthing about all the fishing programmes on TV where NOONE wears a Life Jacket – except Graeme Sinclair in his latest series…. what are they trying to promote? Male Bravora?

      • conwaycaptain

        In my time at sea the sheer incompetence of the amateur boaties astounded me.
        They would go to sea with no life jackets, expect a mobile ph to be adequate, no flares and nowadays no EPIRBS.
        The ones that used to go offshore would have improper or inadequate charts and how some of them navigated I dont know. I used to get them coming on board and ask if I could correct their sextants!!! It can be done but a long and fiddly operation.
        I was on s hip and we were doing our Safety Equipment survey and the ships flares were on the bridge. We had them out to show the surveyor and a shore side bloke was there doing a job on the bridge.
        “Oh I’ve got some like that at home” he says.
        “How old and where do you keep them” says I. Oh about 10 years old and I keep them in the drying cupboard says he!!!
        Well they have a 5 year life span and you dont keep them in the drying cupboard.

  • Mediaan

    Animation says throw away that out of date medicine? They only invented use-by dates a couple of decades ago, didn’t they? Pharma companies should tell us why, if there is a reason.

  • cows4me

    Brilliant, will show my daughter when she gets home from school, she’ll love it.