Evidence mounting

Jared Savage in the NZ Herald reveals more information about the dodgy decision to fast track Bill Liu’s citizenship by ministers and MPs in the Labour party.

I can’t hardly wait for the report of the Auditor-General:

Emails obtained under the Official Information Act reveal a senior Immigration NZ investigator wrote to Mr Ross after learning of the decision.

Russell Ogilvy asked whether Mr Ross recommended that citizenship be declined and whether he had told Mr Jones “to speak with his own department regarding the decision”.

Mr Jones was the Acting Internal Affairs Minister in this case but also the Associate Immigration Minister.

“The minister was advised of both the pending police and INZ investigations,” responded Mr Ross.

Despite his recommendation, Mr Jones granted citizenship subject to Mr Liu taking the oath of allegiance.

Mr Ogilvy then asked Mr Ross to tell him when the citizenship ceremony would be held.

The emails also reveal that Mr Jones granted Mr Liu an urgent private ceremony at the request of Labour MP Dover Samuels, despite the advice of another DIA official that he did not meet the criteria.

Mr Samuels also wrote three earlier letters lobbying for Mr Liu’s citizenship application.

The VIP ceremony was held in a room at Parliament days after Mr Jones’ decision in his favour.

The next day he applied for an urgent passport, then changed his name to William Yan.



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  • grandstream

    Will the AG report also catch in the net Clayton Crosgroves involvement and a certian $2000 bottle of cognac from Mr Liu/Yan/Con-man ?

    • Phar Lap

      That sanctimonious ratbag Clayton Cosgrove,please enlighten a little bit more.Surely his fingerprints are not all over the Asian Passports for cash to the corrupt Lie-bour Party.Who would have believed that the holier than thou Cosgrove’s name would pop up again.Starting to see why the electors in 2011 booted him out of his safe Lie-bour seat in Canterbury.

      • grandstream

        Questions need to be asked of CC during the time that Bill was handing out cash to Dover and Jones. Did his electorate ever receive a donation from Bill ? Was money received via Dover into CC’s electorate funds ? Did CC ever accept or declare Xmas gifts from Bill, including but not limited to: cognac, cash and a gift basket that would put DotCrim and Banks to shame ?

        • grandstream

          If & when he is asked and answers, it should noted that he did share with his office staff……

  • Mr_Blobby

    Me thinks something doesn’t smell right here.

    • You’ve got to wonder what’s in it for Jones and Samuel, eh?

      • Petal

        That’s a very good question. It deserves an answer.

    • Sooty

      Pass the popcorn!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Na nothing will happen. Everybody will be cleared and then Sheep will gloat in the parliament. Don’t dream guys.

    • Bunswalla

      Ah yes, but what if we had a tape?

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        LOL! The tape is coming soon!!!

      • Lofty

        There is a tape……most certainly there is a tape. I am telling you there is a tape. What do you mean there is no tape , there is a tape.

  • tarkwin

    Shane is probably hiding under a motel bed watching porn and hoping it’ll blow over, and Dover is such a joke he isn’t liked in Matauri Bay any more.

  • blazer

    this whole matter stinks and brings Labour MP’s concerned past and present into disrepute.

    • Travis Poulson

      This has to be the first time you’ve had something decent to say.

  • Bob202

    This whole affair need to have the spotlight shone on it. Liu’s citizenship should be revoked without doubt – it was procured using multiple frauds (aside from the court case which gave him the benefit of the doubt regarding who filled in his forms). The guy had multiple passports with different dates of births and applied for a passport under a new name the day after he was given his citizenship.

    It doesn’t take a genius to work out there is too much smoke for their not to be fire somewhere here.