Extension because it was sh*thouse

Holly Walker has announced:

The Green Party is pleased that the Government Administration Committee will take extra time to carefully consider the Lobbying Disclosure Bill.


The committee has been granted a six month extension until July next year before reporting the Bill back to the House. This extension is to allow Ms Walker to develop further options for the committee?s consideration, taking into account the issues raised in submissions.

?This extension means the committee can really give the Bill the time it deserves to ensure that the lobbying disclosure regime is the best it can be,? said Ms Walker.


?I will prepare some options for the committee to consider to ensure we work towards a lobbying disclosure regime appropriate for New Zealand?s political context.

Oh come on, despite all the offers to help,?Walker is wasting Parliament?s time for what my sources tell me will be an complete re-write of the Bill.? Select Committees are supposed to be for tweaking and reviewing a Bill not bending over backward to do a job of an incompetent MP.

Might I suggest some questions the Gallery should be asking:

  • Will Holly Walker ensure that there is another round of public submissions on the?new??redrafted? Bill?
  • Will Holly Walker take up any of the offers from more qualified people to help redraft the Bill or will she continue the ?pedestrian MP knows best? attitude?
  • Will Holly Walker commit to not choosing favoured/left-wing submitters and blocking oral submissions she does not like?