‘Fat Tax’ in Denmark Is Repealed After Criticism – I said it wouldn’t work

Back in 2011 I blogged about the new fat tax in Denmark and said at the time it wouldn’t work.

Unfortunately the Danes experiment won’t work because they are taxing the wrong things. Instead of taxing foods with fat in them they need to be taxing things with carbohydrates in them, that is a much broader tax base to start with and secondly will actually address the issue.

You would think that after 50 years of telling people to eat less fat to get thinner we would have a whole heap of thin people, instead we have the exact opposite with the high focus on carbohydrate rich foods. The obesity epidemic is being caused by the health professionals forcing us to carb load.

I was right…it didn’t work and is now it is being repealed…though that won’t stop Labour and the Greens adopting similar stupid policies:

Citing a harmful effect on businesses and consumer buying power, lawmakers in Denmark have repealed the so-called fat tax, which was charged on foods high in saturated fats, after just one year.

In a related decision, the Danish tax ministry said it was canceling plans for a sugar tax. “The fat tax is one of the most criticized we had in a long time,” Mette Gjerskov, minister of food, agriculture and fisheries, said on Saturday during a news conference in Copenhagen, the day the repeal was announced.

“Now we have to try to improve public health by other means.”

Fat bastards just need to stop stuffing food in their gobs.


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  • Muzza3

    For what its worth , in January I was 86 kgs , I am diabetic, so decided ona healthier regime.Not , no carbs , but avoid the bastards.
    So no rice , potatoes , cereals or products made with them.So bread was out, filled salad rolls , gone,curry and rice out, with curry and noodles ( some noodles only have around 12-15% carbs. with this diet,and hey who sticks with one, I have gone from the 86 to 73kgs today .I am not anal about it I just avoid , if I can’t avoid that dam fine cream sponge tough.But definitely no weetbix , toast is usually out , pumpkin instead of the spud, noodles instead of fettuccine,bacon and eggs fro brekky no worries.Diabetes has stabilized and weight back to what I was at a skinnyish aged 20 ( I am a reasonably muscled 5’7″ so feel about right now .

    • Lion_ess

      I also have avoided carbs for about 5 years now. This has resulted in maintaining a lower and steady weight, eliminating mood fluctuations and being much more in tune with my own physical well-being. Funnily I do note a tendency to crave carbs around the full moon and occasionally (often) indulge at this time, but only lasts 2-3 days and I get right back on track.

    • Neil

      Thanks for the recommendations Muzza3 – I would try that – but a close family friend tried somthing similar and after twelve months he started putting the weight back on again – his doctor told him his body was – recalibrating – to the “new” food intake – whatever that means in practice.

    • kiwidon

      Well done! Which diabetes Muzza3, type 1 or 2?

      • Muzza3

        Type 2, with insulin, wish had started the insulin way earlier, a more natural option than thrashing the poor pancreas with drugs, I feel. Using 32 units long acting and in mornings if I wake with bloods of more than 7 have a a few (2-4 ) units quick acting.Prior to diet was increasing units on a monthly basis and was on 40 LA and 5 or 7 SA , so that has been cut down as well.So other than the insulin and metformin , nothing else for the diabetes .The cholesterol is back to what it should be as well.

        • Magor

          Scope out the latest oral medication called Januvia – changed my life – I use it with metformin as a combination drug – effective – also check out your testosterone this impacts diabetes as well big time

          • Muzza3

            Will do, is it funded by Pharmac?

          • Magor

            Unfortunately not at this time – however have word from ‘one’ in the know that funding will be granted in May/June 2013 which will be really great – a bit expensive but worth it at the moment.

          • Magor

            Unfortunately not at this time – however have word from ‘one’ in the know that funding will be granted in May/June 2013 which will be really great – a bit expensive but worth it at the moment

  • tarkwin

    Socialism does not work. You cannot legislate what people should eat or how they behave.

    • Neil

      Doesn’t matter which political side it comes from – this is nanny state – like our policies to people here in New Zealand – National are rapidly catching up on Labour’s nanny state law implimentations

      • tarkwin

        Good point. I see some drongo from National is trying to crack down on sun beds.

        • Tristanb

          Saw that too. It’s Paul Hutchinson.
          [email protected]

          I know National was never a libertarian party, but this is just more of the “ban it” mentality we need less of from the government.

          I don’t care about sunbeds, but I do care about restrictions on what people can do because “government knows best” or “I’m a doctor of 30 years”.

          People know they cause skin cancer – any UV exposure does. Is he going to ban redheads from going to the beach next? Compulsory suntan lotion stops? (Cops come around, swab your skin, if there’s no sunscreen you get an instant fine.)

          I was going to email him, but got stuck on a draft. This type of nannying is not what I want from a party I had planned to vote for. Disgusting.

          I’ll finish the email now. Any National voters who believe in personal responsibility and minimal government convention should feel free to write to the arrogant fool.

  • Hazards001

    HUH? A government that cancelled a tax because it had no value or impact? Can we have the Danish formula applied to the E.T.S?