Fossil Hunting

When I was a kid my grandfather took us several times to a beach near Kawakawa Bay to search for fossils or petrified items. Mainly cockles. He was a beachcomber, my grandfather. I think if he hadn’t married my grandmother he would have andered the beaches collecting stuff happily his entire life. He was a maker too…he would often make things out of beach detritus.

He passed on that love to me, of walking along and picking up stuff..and just looking.

I well remember finding my first fossilised cockle. One of my fondest memories of my grandfather.

Here is a video about Hurricane Sandy and looking for fossils int eh aftermath of storms…it is pretty cool.

Hunting Fossils: Rockaway After Hurricane Sandy from Odd Beast on Vimeo.

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  • conwaycaptain

    Whale, You should go to Dorset in the UK it is known as the Jurassic coast owing to the number of old fossils inc the retirees