Get Key campaign continues at Herald

The Herald ran a story yesterday hypothetically suggesting that Sir Ian McKellan has gone all gay and decided to poo-finger The Hobbit because he is too soft and can’t handle a joke. I’m surprised that it didn’t have David Fisher’s byline on it or a quote from his laptop.

Anyway do we really care about his comments or whether or not he’s been insulted? He’s just one of the hired help.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key is rejecting speculation his “gay” gaffe is the reason one of The Hobbit’s stars is skipping the film’s world premiere in Wellington.

Sir Ian McKellen, who plays Gandalf in the films, will not attend the premiere ofThe Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey on November 28.

In a statement to The One Ring website, Sir Ian said it was thrilling the cast and crew would reunite in Wellington, and he was envious of them.

“As ever, my heart is in Wellington, and I send my love,” he said.

His absence has prompted speculation the openly gay star is boycotting the premiere after taking offence to the prime minister’s on-air remark that a radio host’s red top was “gay”.


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  • maninblack

    People (the left) just need to lighten up in this country..

  • Gazzaw

    That McKellan has chosen not to attend the premiere would be totally irrelevant to the majority of Kiwis. That the Herald has tried to spin it into a story is hard to believe and that they have chosen to speculate that it is somehow linked to a comment by the PM is just absolute bullshit journalism.

  • Rossco

    The red shirt thing is so last week… or was it the week before? What a lame angle from the Herald. McKellan is not a Kiwi and is therefore probably a little more grown up than the usual suspects the Herald deals with.

  • Alex

    First, it was the DotCon “the PM is lying” story earlier this week, which promptly disappeared after the PM hit back.

    Now this crap. Not once did the journalist think of calling up Sir Ian to ask him why. Instead it lobs a “have you stopped beating your wife” line at the PM.

    Are the media trying to achieve what the Clark government never achieved?

  • Phar Lap

    Little wonder the overpriced newspaper, and the overdone news story, all made up by soon to be redundant news hacks.Seems the newspapers owners have put the daily liar paper on the market,and will cut and run asap.Off course the hacks could go to Radio New Zealand another notorious lying news outlet.

    • Gazzaw

      I heard on Red Radio this morning PL that their ‘churno’ has had her accreditation cancelled by Warners and that she’s persona non grata for the Hobbit premiere. Pity about the new frock from Kirks. Obviously the promoters are pissed off about Red Radio’s continual cuddling up to Kelly & her fellow shit stirrers.

    • nasska

      ….”the hacks could go to Radio New Zealand”…..

      Stick another commie “journalist” in Red Radio (or TVNZ for that matter) & the building would fall over.

  • The Herald’s headline should read “Herald Chucks Sir Ian Under the Bus In Attempt To Score Cheap Points Against Key”

  • blazer

    thats the final straw.From now on I’m buying the NIT to get real news!