Hamas terror boss disguises himself as media

Hamas love hiding behind the skirts of women and children, now they are pretending to be media to avoid having their sinuses cleared with a Hellfire:

The “human shield” method, as it is commonly known, has forced the IDF to target seemingly non-military targets, resulting in some of the civilian casualties. It has also endangered all residents of the Gaza Strip who, without their consent, were unwittingly dragged into the conflict.

Senior Hamas Operative Disguised as Journalist

One such example came in today, when a senior Hamas operative was targeted while driving a press vehicle. Muhammed Shamalah, commander of Hamas forces in the southern Strip and head of the Hamas militant training programs, was targeted by an Israeli air strike while driving a car clearly labelled “TV”, indicating it to be a press vehicle, abusing the protection afforded to journalists.

The incident occurred on the same day that four senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad operatives took over a floor of the foreign press building in Gaza and used it as a meeting place, risking the lives of all journalists inside. The IDF targeted the operatives and a direct hit was confirmed. Journalists have been warned to stay aware from terrorists or terror sites in the Strip, for their own safety.

I’ll just bet that this is what this Kiwi repeater is going on about:

Before any media go leaping into print going nuts about this “journalist, she has form lying on behalf of Palestinians. David Farrar also notes that she has form:

She is a long-standing political activist for the communist regime in Cuba, the revolutionary leftist Zapatistas, and the Kia Ora Gaza and NZ Palestine Human Rights Campaign. She disputes that Israel even has a right to exist as a legitimate state, and people can judge this statement for themselves:

Unlike Farrar, I won’t pull any punches. I agree with him that these terrorist enabling statements should be published but her form needs to be reported too. Enablers of the terrorist regime in Gaza really have no shame, prepared to lie and cheat and hide behind woman, children and now journalists.

Bottom line is this. If you want to associate with terrorists then don’t go complaining when a missile comes calling.


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  • SJ00

    I saw this Julie Webb-Pullman on TV last night and the first thing I thought was that was definitely a man (terrorist) pretending to be a woman in Gaza.

  • In Vino Veritas

    I guess she can’t say she wasn’t warned. And it appears that the warnings came from an anonymous caller. So anonymous has become “Israeli Government”.

    • Travis Poulson

      I’d like to see proof a call was even made for a start. Plenty of repeaters have relayed what she said without an ounce of proof that a call was made let alone who it was from, this all coming from an activist who has been known to lie her tits off before.

      But by all means, don’t ask any of the repeaters for proof other than her word, you’ll end up blocked/banned as I found out last night.

      Obviously difficult questions aren’t the flavour of the month, aye bomber.

  • Travis Poulson

    Interestingly enough Gaza were running out of goods and medical supplies, Hum-arse fired rockets at the crossing where 120 trucks were waiting to cross, 24 made it through, crossing is now closed.

  • Libertyscott

    Martyn Bradbury of course has been jumping up and down about Webb-Pullman, because Israel is an instrument of the US military-industrial conflict that wants to just make money by slaughtering poor people – in his warped little neuron.

    • Travis Poulson

      I got labelled a propaganda machine because I exposed what a liar she was, and for demanding proof.

      • Naturally, of course if someone with a contrary argument called him that, it would be a “right wing nut job unable to debate using evidence”. He’s just the leftwing equivalent of right wing swivel headed conspiracy theorists who think the UN chases them with black helicopters and that Obama is about to make the US a Marxist-Leninist Islamist state.

    • Mr_V4

      Why is the opinion of that real estate agent reported?

      • Travis Poulson

        he reports it himself. He doesn’t mind having other people hear what he has to say, as long as they don’t disagree with him.

  • LesleyNZ

    If Julie Webb-Pullman is pro Hamas Terrorist organisation then yes she is a terrorist. Interesting how, once again, it is TV3 who give this kind of repeater space and publicity.

    • Travis Poulson

      I haven’t seen them actually release the story yet. Surely they have more sense than to release a story before verifying their source.

  • CJA

    I saw 3 News last night with Julie Webb-Pullman reporting from Gaza. Again as per MSM reporting balanced. Hmmm me thinks not.

  • alex

    Are you fucking kidding? You are tacitly advocating the death of someone who has never fired a single rocket because they are a left winger? Where is your humanity?

    • Travis Poulson

      She is advocating suicide by staying there and hanging around with civilian killers. Either that or martyrdom. Either way it’s her own problem. Stiff shit.

    • In Vino Veritas

      I don’t believe that any part of this post could be called “advocating the death of someone because they are a left winger”. My read of it is that if you associate with terrorists that are clearly targets, then you will be at higher risk when you are with them. And don’t complain about it, because you know that risk exists.

    • Mostly_Harmless

      So you think supporting terrorism is the same as being left wing? Telling.

    • Honcho

      We all need to remember here, these people, these hamas terrorists, they are not political activists advocating for the freedom of palestine (south syria) and its people (ottomans) …. their game isnt flag waving and fervent activism, IT IS MURDER … these people are the quintessential terrorists, they have no respect or morality or value of human life other then their own.

  • Liberty

    What has labour foreign affairs spokesman got to say about
    the Conflict.


  • BR

    Israel should go after Hamas wherever they may find them regardless of whomever they may be hiding behind. Hamas should be given a choice: Annihilation or unconditional surrender.

  • Mr_V4

    Shouldn’t the vehicles be marked “Repeater”, “Cut & Paste”, or “Press Release Editor”? Just so circling F-16s and attack Helicopter pilots don’t feel too bad if they accidental hit people undertaking such a worthless occupation?

  • Patrick

    When I first read this I suspected those Hamas fellas were probably scoring some white ass with Webb-Pullman but hitting the link shows her photo so clearly I was wrong on that one. Not even Hamas would stoop so low.

    On another topic George Galloway is one dangerous & dodgy operator Gorgeous George was up to his neck in it with Saddam & was one of his biggest fans. Anyone that associates with him has to be nuts & this bint almost certainly is