Has Parekura been overseas?

This story is a good insight into what internal politics is like in Labour.

The world of politics is the place to fight injustices and right wrongs. So when a Labour MP discovered that her packed lunch had been stolen in the Houses of Parliament, she did not hesitate to air her frustrations.

Liz Kendall, the MP for Leicester West, stuck a note on the shared fridge from where it had gone missing, hoping to prick the conscience of the thief and to warn others. But the offender appears unrepentant, posting a reply threatening to do it again.

Ms Kendall, who was elected in 2010, found that her food had disappeared from a fridge shared by dozens of people in Portcullis House, which houses most MPs’ offices. She put up a note reading: “Someone has stolen my lunch from this fridge.

“I do not appreciate this and warn other people don’t leave anything in here unless you’re happy for it to go missing. Liz Kendall, Room 219.”

The shadow minister for care and older people was shocked when yesterday a riposte appeared on the note, reading: “I took it — and I’d do it again.”

Later a third message was added: “You are a very sick individual”.


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  • maninblack

    haha – bloody school kids running a country.

  • Harsh. Harsh, but fair.

  • blazer

    is this the NIT ‘s front page this week?

  • nasska

    Liberally dosing the lunch with laxatives tends to sort the problem out fairly quickly.

    • Mediaan

      Or put a note on it each day saying, “I have spat on this.”

    • Patrick

      You are doing a half job you need to remove the toilet paper from the loo as well.

  • cows4me

    Read the headline , thought Parekura might have gone on a stomach stapling trip. Wasn’t there another Liarbore MP that came back with a lot lower condition score and claimed they had been dieting?

    • Patrick

      Staple wouldn’t hold – you would have to wrap that stomach in No8 wire bands