Horizons Chairman Calls David Carter a Fibber

The socialist Minister of Agriculture David Carter has been telling fibs about the One Plan Decision. He has claimed  that the One Plan Decision will cause on farm costs to rise between 22-43%. He has been peddling some dodgy research that was not held up by the Environment Court.

This is bullshit, and farmer and chair of Horizons, Bruce Gordon, has issued the following statement.

Having been issued a copy of the report (Evaluation of the impact of different water policy options for managing water quality limits) this week, council chairman Bruce Gordon said the report analyses different policy scenarios in the Manawatu Catchment – none of which reflect the decisions made by the Environment Court in relation to the One Plan or outcomes sought through the One Plan.

“Landcare has indicated that none of the eight policy scenarios evaluated in the report for the Manawatu are comparable with the One Plan as decided by the Environment Court.

The real numbers that David Carter cant seem to find are:

“In fact, the 43 per cent scenario highlighted in the media in terms of impact on profit bears no relationship to the context of the One Plan. I understand the scenario that comes closest to the One Plan shows an impact on profitability of less than 1 per cent.”

Mr Gordon said that this type of misinformation was extremely disappointing and caused unnecessary distress on the farming community.

David Carter needs to look at his officials that have allowed him to mislead the media, farmers and the public with shonky numbers. He should also be mindful that people who pretend to want to be Speaker need to be above reproach and telling fibs won’t help that.


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  • Anonymouse Coward

    To misquote Lady Bracknell, :To knoble one regional council in your eagerness to gift water to the landed gentry may be sold as a nesseary intervention, to knoble two regional councils begins to look like partisan pork barrel politics in fvour of an oligarchy.

  • cows4me

    Yeah moaning bastards it’s only one percent. Pull the other one Whale , 1% does not exist in any math equation used by these Marxists/ Melon parasites. May I humbly suggest the 1% Mr Gordon claims is probably in the same vain as Mr Carter claiming the 43% figure. One percent , yeah and I’m the queen mother.

  • poly

    Actually from the very article you linked to “The Court’s decision determined the average costs to farmers to be on average 5 per cent of annual operating expenses.” – that could very well mean they reduce profit to zero, I imagine even a very profitable farm would not be making more than 10% gross profit and that has now been effectively halved. What other business would put up with the local Council suddenly asking them to apply for a full Resource Consent twice a year to carry out the SAME normal “Land Use Permitted Activity” business they had always carried out.

    The other big problem is that this Environmental Court decision totally destroys and flat out goes against the written law of clause-4 of the RMA (earlier decisions had already seriously weakened it). So much for “black letter” law and the will of Parliament – it’s now entirely activist Judge made law with regards to the RMA. For those that don’t know clause-4 and related clauses protected existing use rights and stopped the RMA applying retroactively and “coming to the problem” – both fundamental principles of justice. This will have will major consequences in the future and not just for farmers – wait until your Council suddenly decides that all existing fully legal permitted uses for house in Suburban Outer or your business in Commercial-A zone must now annually apply for a Resource Consent, think it won’t happen? Think Councils don’t already love the significant revenue from fee’s rather than rates? Think Councils aren’t already in trouble over income, spending, rates, debt? Think they won’t love a guaranteed new massive annual income stream? Think Council bureaucrats won’t love getting more power, more make-work, more boxes to tick, more staff? First they came for the farmers and you did nothing, next it will be industrial, and then commercial/retail and finally it will be residential – you can fucken guarantee it if the Labour/Greens/Mana/Maori coalition gets up (of course maori owned land will be exempted just like it is under Horizon council policy). Won’t you love paying rates + council user charges + consent fee’s + house W.o.F. fee’s (like commercial buildings) constantly, and all the cost’s if they change the rules, e.g. making double glazing compulsory for all housing including existing – it’s for the environment/save the planet from AGW/ “the health of the children”(TM). Think it won’t happen? Give it ten years. And the Environment Court has opened the door wide open now.

    • cows4me

      Well said poly , I doubt Whale realises what a pandors box these bastards wish to open , he’s losing the plot.