How long before we have this here?

British MPs have their own taxpayer funded shrink…as is usual with people living in the trough they expect someone else to pay:

STRESSED MPs are being treated in Westminster by their own on-site shrink, The Sun can reveal.

The taxpayer-funded psychiatrist holds regular surgeries as an increasing number of politicians admit to having mental health problems.

The therapist — part of Parliament’s occupational health service — is available to both MPs and peers. The revelation comes after several MPs admitted their battles with mental illness in a moving Commons debate this year.

Labour’s Kevan Jones was close to tears as he revealed his fight with depression.

Tory backbencher Sarah Wollaston, a former GP, told how she had felt suicidal after the birth of her baby and suffered panic attacks on the Tube. And another Tory, Charles Walker, spoke of his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which makes him repeat everything he does four times.

Mr Walker, 45, said last night: “MPs are not super-human. Part of the problem is for too long politicians have tried to pretend that they are not vulnerable to a variety of health problems that affect the general population when in reality they are.”

I get that MPs lives are tough, what I don;t get is that taxpayers have to pay for their mental health professionals. Is there literally nothing that they pay from their own pockets?


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  • Mediaan

    It would only be justifiable if the cause was being an MP. And talking it over, or drug therapy, the two most likely outcomes of attending a psychiatry clinic, are both far less useful in mentally-experienced stress disorders than regular exercise. Says a very wide-ranging comparative study.

  • cows4me

    Shit our lot would need more then one.

    • Neil

      Agree – mind you that is surely one of the reasons they’re in Parliament in the first place – they have a mental illness…..

  • Neil

    I would have thought as a good employer the “state” should be providing this. Certainly I can see quite a few here that need some help…..

  • Steve Taylor

    What is really interesting about this story is that if anyone working in mental health was facing these challenges in their personal life – they would be stood down, and / or asked to take stress leave: what they wouldn’t be doing is working with vulnerable clients, or in the case of the UK MPs – making and passing laws in the highest Court in the country.