How many politicians want to do this to me?

There are plenty of politicians who wish all sorts of hurtful things would befall me, but only the most hardened Labour activist would want to do this to me:

Iran has been accused of torturing to death a blogger who was arrested last week for criticising the Islamic republic on Facebook.

Iran’s cyber-police, known as Fata, picked up Sattar Beheshti from his home in Robat-Karim last week on suspicion of “acting against the national security” because of his online activities on social networking sites. He was then taken to Tehran’s notorious Evin prison.

Beheshti’s family heard no news of him until Wednesday, when they were phoned by prison officials asking them to collect his dead body from the Kahrizak coroner’s office. The opposition has accused Iranian officials of torturing the 35-year-old blogger to death.


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  • Travis Poulson

    Answer: twice as many as there is now after you’ve been at the helm of the Truth for 6 months.

  • thor42

    The *bastards*.

    I feel *very sorry* for the Iranian people. They are some of the nicest people in the world, and yet they’ve got some of the scummiest leaders in the world.

    I’ve seen many videos in which the young people of Iran voice their utter contempt of the government (and of Islam too.) A vast number of them despise both.

    Iran is due to have an election next year (June, I think).
    It would be *great* if there were a mass uprising to overthrow their government then. ( I could very much understand it, though, if they didn’t do that, given the ruthlessness of the Basij thugs….)

    • Travis Poulson

      Have to say *I agree* with you.

    • Honcho

      The thing that would scare me the most, in every arab state that has had a revolution, a more radical islam has filled the leadership vacuum, I dont think its the wests best interest to let this occurance continue, lesser of two evils if you will.

    • bristol

      “It would be *great* if there were a mass uprising to overthrow their government then…”
      There was, but the outside world, notably the US and Europe, ignored it, and the mullahs prevailed.

  • cows4me

    Wouldn’t take much torture form Liarbore whale to make you wish you were dead. They would just need to tie you to a chair and read their policy releases for the last twenty years. Fuck it would drive me insane.

    • thor42

      Me too……

      • steve and monique

        Being Bored to death,shit way to die.

  • Patrick

    I suggest the queues of Joe Public lining up to do harm to the inept politicians that litter the NZ landscape would be much longer.
    Obviously that will never happen but I think you will find there are plenty of Kiwis hoping The New Truth will expose them for what they are.
    About time we had a media that exposes the incompetence & lying – on all sides of the political spectrum.