I bet he was Registered too, Ctd

The teacher unions oppose Charter Schools ont eh basis that registration of teachers isn’t mandatory. They claim that because of compulsory registration that children are better protected.

Presumably this teacher caught filming upskirt videos was registered. What’s the bet the Teacher Unions will back him to the hilt:

A Canterbury teacher has been arrested for allegedly filming an upskirt video at a Riccarton shopping mall.

The 56-year-old appeared in the Christchurch District Court today charged with making an intimate visual recording.

He was granted interim name suppression and remanded on bail until December 6, to enable him to contact a lawyer.

Police allege the man behaved in an offensive manner, intentionally made an intimate visual recording of another person at the Westfield Riccarton mall and was in possession of the recording.

Police said the alleged offending happened in the food court area about mid-afternoon on Saturday.

Both a camera and his home computer had been confiscated by police for further analysis.

A man who works at the mall, but did not wish to be identified, said the victim, a woman who looked in her 20s, appeared unaware of what was apparently happening.

The man said the suspect appeared to be trying to dispose of the camera when approached by mall security.

The school’s board of trustees chairman said the board was aware of the charges.



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  • stinkeye

    The problem is if they aren’t registered it’s much harder to cover this stuff up.

    • I disagree. Registration is irrelevant and will never stop a pedophile; any red flags are post a first offense. A child has to become a victim first. It is not like would be child molestors confess before the crime.

      Most molestors in NZ offend many years before anyone raises suspicions with the police as the offense is reliant on secrecy resultant from shame the victim feels so often victims dont come forward until they are adults.

      Registration doesnt stop bad people becoming teachers, it merely stops bad people who have already been caught before.

      • Bunswalla

        Not in every case, or even close to it. Examples earlier this year of a teacher changing their name and going on to commit more despicable offenses. Bottom line, don’t rely on registration or any body set up to protect the interests of its members, to protect the interests of your kids. That’s your job.

        • That’s true however, teachers like that I would suspect, represent only a tiny proportion of the offenses.

          But yes, ultimately it is the parent that dictates who comes near their child. Relying on registration is the same as relying on the police to identify ‘stranger’ abusers in your community.

          Parents need to be diligent, to have open dialogue with their kids and take sensible precautions (without wrapping them in cotton wool) to keep them safe.

  • Agent BallSack

    The school has refused to confirm whether the teacher has been suspended or not. What do you need to do? Get caught with your fingers in some girls knickers?

  • Lion_ess

    The Teachers are intent on wresting the 2012 Creepy Deviant Trophy from all other challengers. Lucia Maria will be able to state confidentally that “their pedos are worse than ours”, – nothing to see here folks – move along.

    • Agent BallSack

      Trevor Mallard again.

  • Mitch82

    There needs to be a one size fits all sentence for this shit. Something that covers everything from this guy all the way up to Stuart Murray Wilson – batteries included, no need for alterations.

    • Mohawk Genocide

      Because an 16 year old boy getting intimate with a 15 year old girl is just as bad as a teacher with a shoe camera, right?

      • I think it is fair to say we are talking about acts that were coerced/not consensual.

        • Mohawk Genocide

          According to the pointy-heads, 15 year-olds are unable to give consent.

          • No, I would say it is according to naive parents – it is the parents who push the issue of statutory rape. If it was such an issue then how come all the boys contributing to the 1 in 4 girls have an STI by the time they are 12 are not being prosecuted. Not to mention teen pregnancy.

            You will also note that the Crimes Act (which references age of consent) was first brought in 1961….when the National Party was brought in.

            So like many of our current laws they reflect the societal values of the time rather than party ideology.

          • stinkeye

            Wait, 1 in 4 girls have sex before 12? I don’t believe you.

          • Lion_ess

            1 in 4 girls are victims of childhood sexual abuse

          • Wait, I dont care. And does 20% of kids having sex by the time they are 13 make it a little more palatable?

          • Bunswalla

            Something wrong with the math, Unsol: if “only” 20% of kids are having sex by the time they’re 13, how can 25% of kids have an STI by the time they’re 12?

          • Random66

            As always you put it so well Buns.

          • stinkeye

            Add the 5% who get herpes from birth or aids or something, I dunno

          • No Buns, you have just failed to take into account sexual abuse.

            Children get STIs from non consensual sex too so I would say the figures are actually very conservative.

            Random – this is a very real issue and as mother and a Christian you should care enough to really look into this instead of assuming the figures I have quoted from MOh, MSD & non profits are wrong. You are only doing your own children a disservice when you choose to remain naive.

            Sexual abuse and sexual promiscuity are massive issues in this country. We have one of the highest rates of STIs and teen pregnancy in the world. And while Maori represent a large proportion of this, nice white middle class – and yes even the Christian ones- are getting pregnant, having abortions and/or getting STIs too.

            Burying your head in the sand only exacerbates it as it is indicative of a parent that is unapproachable to their kids.

          • Random66

            Honestly Unsol you have completely missed the point I was making, I never disputed the figures, I couldn’t be bothered looking them up, what I disputed was your twisting of information. First you say 1 in 4 are sexually infected with a STI, then you say 1 in 4 are sexually active. I simply challenged your assertion that 100% of those that are sexually active are also infected with an STI. Also stop assuming you know me, you know nothing, all you are good at is jumping to conclusions, wrong ones at that.

          • “I couldn’t be bothered looking them up, what I disputed was your twisting of information”

            If you dont care to look up the data for yourself then how can you presume to know I have twisted anything?

            First you say 1 in 4 are sexually infected with a STI, then you say 1 in 4 are sexually active”

            NO, I said 1 in 4 girls get an STI by the time they turn 12 and 20% of teenagers have had sex by the time they turn 13.

            I also said that 1n in 4 girls and 1 in 6-10 boys are sexually abused by the time they turn 16.

            Both you and Buns overlooked the latter as if to assume that STIs precluded nonconsensual sex/sexual activity. They dont.

            And you did dispute the figures. You said “Our daughter is in that age group and knowing her friends and their families and what these girls do in the weekend there is absolutely no way 1 in 4 would have an STI – not even 1 in 30”.

            All I have done is provide the facts given by MOH, MSD et al. I dont care how anyone interprets them and I have not claimed to be a statistician. All I care about is what they tell us about our young people and the direction they are headed in.

            I dont presume to know you, but I can assume I dont want to any; assumptions I have made about you are based on how you say things and what you have said about yourself.

          • Mohawk Genocide

            By pointy-heads, I mean people who use the civil system to impose their beliefs on others (i.e. those outside the system)

          • Random66

            “1 in 4 girls have an STI by time they are 12…’
            Surely you must be saying those statistice ONLY represent /or apply to those children who are sexually active at age of 12 (small amount) – not all children in general. Otherwise I would like to see your proof. Our daughter is in that age group and knowing her friends and their families and what these girls do in the weekend there is absolutely no way 1 in 4 would have an STI – not even 1 in 30.

          • It is not up to me to give you my proof – if you dispute what I have said then I suggest you do your own homework and prove me wrong….

            The statistics collected by MOH and youth organisations are easily found…

            MOH also confirm that 20% of young New Zealanders have had sexual intercourse by age 13, and 54 per cent by age 17.

            And yes it is 1 in 4 girls. If you would like a Christian source – Ian & Mary Grant have regularly quoted this in many of their articles on sexual promiscuity amongst our young people.

            Just the same as it is 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6-10 boys that are sexually abused by the time they are 16.

          • Callum

            Those sexual abuse stats tend to have a VERY wide definition of what counts as abuse.

          • A fairly dangerous statement to make there. Care to quantify? STOP, Jigsaw and MSD all state that the data does not include consensual sex or sexual activity…

          • Callum

            last study I looked at included feeling sexualised by the way someone looked at you as sexual abuse wether there was intent or not. Or a hand placed on a knee that made someone feel uncomfortable. Far from what most people would class as abuse.

          • Random66

            You say that 20% have had sexual intercourse by age 13 – so say 1 in 4 girls under the age of 13 have had sex. That is a little different to your earlier assertion of 1 in 4 have an STI. Based on your initial comment you led us to believe that 100% of those sexually active have an STI. Not true. Which is why I asked you to clarify and if I’m correct this blog has the expectation that when a person makes a comment they are expected to be able to back it up when asked, particularly when it is being presented as fact not an opinion.

          • “A Christian Source”..of STDs? – Are you talking about Mormon leader Daniel Taylor abusing children, or Salvation Army Bible teacher, Trevor Hall abusing children? Because suggesting Christianity as a solution to child abuse is like using foxes to stop dingos attaching your chickens.

          • phronesis

            All you have confirmed Random is that you’re not brown and on welfare.

          • Not to mention naive…

    • I agree. Zero tolerance for crimes against children – of any kind mind you – would less likelihood of crimes against adults.

      Reducing welfare so it is a safety net only for circumstances beyond ones control and a 1 strike and you are out policy for any kind of abuse, neglect or maltreatment of children would see a dramatic reduction in crime within 10 years…..the reason being abused, neglected and maltreated little kids would not grow up to repeat the cycle.

      It wont stop those who are just born with wires crossed, but I suspect it would make a big difference for the majority of abuse cases.

      Good this guy has been stopped early. Problem is he will merely be slapped on the wrist by the courts and will no doubt go on to do worse.

      We need more prosecutions like this but they need to stick and sanction these bastards for good.

      • dyannt

        I guess we will just have to wait and see if this guy was caught early. His computer may show that he’s been at it for years.

  • Lion_ess

    Had to laugh at the two Kaitaia kiddy fiddlers in Court last week – one cried and one fainted. Guess we’ll have to wait until they get to their new home before these two cockroaches are stamped on.

    • Stamped on by other cockroaches? Gotta love the moral code between murderers, wife/kiddie bashers & rapists vs child molesters.

      The guy crying pissed me off the most – why cry now. Cry because he cant do it anymore? He cant possibly be crying out of remorse….where were the tears when started molesting boys in the 90s.

      What really annoys me is that guys like that being caught & highlighted by MSN give a false sense of security. People think because he has been caught that all is right with the world.

      Meanwhile Uncle Tom – everyone’s favourite Uncle – continues to groom and molest.

    • tarkwin

      The police were warned about the Kaitaia principle years ago, but with a bit of help from the teachers union chose to do nothing. Being registered clearly didn’t help. More to come on this one.