Is Holly Walker working for Lobbyists?

The Securities Industry Association are not the first group to warn that Holly?s bill will actually encourage the very type of professional lobbyists she supposedly wants to avoid.? Her bill creates a regulatory monopoly.? Many who lobby part time will be put off by the new law or scared that they will fall foul of it.

Maybe she?s setting up a lobbying industry so she has a job to retire into?

MP Holly Walker’s Lobbying Disclosure Bill could set off a lobbying boom, the Securities Industry Association (SIA) warns.

The SIA, which represents stock brokers, said it supported Walker’s objective – increased transparency around lobbying activity and increased trust in political decision-making – but the approach taken in the bill would have the unintended consequence of forcing companies and interest groups to engage the services of professional lobbyists.

The bill was incorrectly focused on the entities that should be captured or exempted, rather than on information to be disclosed and the most efficient and effective way to ensure that the information was disclosed, the SIA said.