Knowing the math

Nate Silver was a legend before the US elections, now he a super legend and so people are re-writing the Chuck Norris meme. Nate Silver was also prepared to back himself with a bet against a journalist from the NY Times.

Adored or despised during the campaign, depending on how you felt about his robust certainty that President Obama would serve a second term; fingered as an Obama-loving ideologue who fudged the data by stacking the algorithmic scales; and then derided by MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough as a joke for failing to call the election a toss-up when it was—clearly! —a toss-up, Silver ended up kicking sand in the eyes of all the political jocks rooting against a political future where bloodless number crunching would replace bloody partisan opining.

And while his very public $2,000 bet on Twitter with Scarborough that math would beat intuition struck the Times as indecorous (and viewed by some in the media as reckless), it may well be the easiest money Silver ever made. You always bet on the math, especially when you know the other guy doesn’t really know math the way you know math.

A $2000 bet kind of puts Leighton’s lunch bet with to shame.

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  • Karlos

    Redbaiter/2ndAmendment/CenterRight seems to have gone extremely quiet on this all of a sudden. I thought this was supposed to be propaganda?